7 Best Shoes for Tennis Players in 2024 – Full Guide

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Tennis is an exciting and dynamic sport that demands agility, speed, and precision. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned professional, having the right tennis shoes is essential for enhancing your performance and minimizing the risk of injury.

Tired of influencers pushing specific tennis shoes to the public to increase their sales? We don’t like that either and we want to give you the most unbiased guide.

Whether you’re a clay court enthusiast, a hard court aficionado, or a grass court specialist, this article has got you covered with essential information to help you make informed decisions when it comes to selecting the perfect tennis shoes for your game.

So, let’s jump right in and discover tennis shoes that can elevate your on court performance!

Why Are Tennis Shoes Important For A Player?

Tennis shoes are crucial for a player’s performance and comfort on the court, as they provide the necessary support, traction, and durability for active sports such as tennis.

When playing tennis, choosing the right footwear becomes essential for maintaining balance, agility and high performance.

The construction of tennis shoes, with features like reinforced toes and lateral support, helps prevent injuries and provides stability during sudden movements on the court.

The right shoe also cushions the impact on the player’s feet and ankles, contributing to overall comfort and reducing the risk of strain and fatigue.

Finally it is important to know that you will absolutely need TENNIS shoes rather than normal sneakers or running shoes to play the game.

What Are The Characteristics Of Good Tennis Shoes?

Good tennis shoes are characterized by their exceptional comfort, high-performance features, durable construction, and stylish design, offering superior grip, support, and cushioning tailored to the player’s needs.

When it comes to comfort, high-quality tennis shoes prioritize supportive cushioning, breathable materials, and a snug, yet flexible fit.

These shoes utilize advanced shoe technology such as responsive midsoles, impact-absorbing insoles, and specialized outsoles. The durability of these shoes is often attributed to their reinforced toe caps, sturdy outsole materials, and abrasion-resistant overlays.

As for design, they come in a variety of appealing styles and colorways, catering to both performance and fashion preferences.


Comfort in a tennis shoe is essential for optimizing a player’s performance on the court. A shoe that offers a comfortable fit enables players to execute swift changes in direction, make quick stops, and deliver powerful movements with ease and precision.

Beyond enhancing performance, comfort significantly contributes to injury prevention. Proper cushioning and support in tennis shoes help absorb shock, reducing the impact on vulnerable joints such as the knees, ankles, and feet.

By minimizing strain and stress on these areas, players can mitigate the risk of injuries like sprains, strains, and stress fractures, particularly during intense gameplay or extended training sessions.


Durability is a key factor in tennis shoes, as they need to withstand the rigors of all-weather conditions and year-round play, providing essential protection and longevity for the player’s footwear.

Tennis shoes designed with long-lasting performance in mind offer a reliable foundation for players, ensuring that they can focus on their game without worrying about their footwear. Whether it’s scorching heat, pouring rain, or chilling cold, these shoes are engineered to endure all-weather conditions, offering stability, traction, and comfort in any environment.

By incorporating advanced materials and technologies, they can withstand constant wear and tear, maintaining their structural integrity even after rigorous use. This durability not only enhances the shoes’ lifespan but also protects the player from potential injuries caused by subpar footwear.


Traction is a critical aspect of tennis shoes, involving superior grip, stability, and outsole design tailored to different court surfaces, including all-court, hard-court, clay-court, and grass-court environments.

When it comes to grip, tennis shoes are crafted with specialized patterns and materials to provide optimal traction during quick lateral movements and sudden stops on the court.

The stability of tennis shoes is crucial for preventing ankle injuries and maintaining balance while suddenly changing directions.

The outsole variations are specifically designed to adapt to different court surfaces, offering a balance of grip and durability to ensure peak performance. To optimize player performance, manufacturers continually innovate to address the diverse needs of players across various court-specific surfaces.


Support is a crucial feature in tennis shoes, encompassing elements such as ankle support, heel counter, arch support, and overall stability to enhance the player’s movement and reduce the risk of injuries.

Proper ankle support in tennis shoes is essential for lateral movements and sudden stops, helping to prevent sprains and twists. The heel counter provides stability and prevents the foot from sliding within the shoe, reducing the risk of blisters and heel pain.

Additionally, arch support plays a significant role in distributing the impact of each step, minimizing stress on the plantar fascia and preventing overpronation. Together, these features contribute to the overall stability of the shoe, allowing players to move confidently and actively prevent injuries.


Breathability plays a vital role in tennis shoes, ensuring adequate ventilation, airflow, and overall foot comfort for the player, especially during intense on-court activities.

Proper ventilation in tennis shoes allows air to circulate, preventing heat and moisture buildup inside the shoe. This helps in maintaining a comfortable and dry environment for the feet, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort during prolonged matches.

Enhanced breathability promotes better airflow, which can contribute to overall foot health and performance, allowing the player to focus on their game without being distracted by sweaty or overheated feet.

What Are The Different Types Of Tennis Shoes?

Different types of tennis shoes cater to specific court surfaces, including all-court, hard-court, clay-court, grass-court, and variations suitable for indoor and outdoor play, each designed to optimize performance and traction based on the environment.

When playing on an all-court surface, tennis players often opt for all-court tennis shoes, which are versatile enough to handle various court types. These shoes typically feature a balanced combination of cushioning, durability, and traction.

On the other hand, for hard-court surfaces, tennis enthusiasts prefer tennis shoes with reinforced outsoles designed to withstand the abrasive nature of these courts.

When it comes to clay courts, specialized clay-court tennis shoes are essential due to the unique demands of this surface. These shoes have non-marking outsoles and herringbone patterns to provide exceptional grip while minimizing clay buildup.

Discover the difference between all-court and clay court here.

For grass courts, players require tennis shoes with low-profile turf outsoles to prevent damaging the delicate surface while ensuring reliable traction.

Indoor and outdoor variations of tennis shoes offer specific features to suit the respective environments.

Indoor tennis shoes often prioritize non-marking outsoles and cushioning for indoor courts, while outdoor tennis shoes focus on durability and weather resistance for various outdoor playing conditions.

Clay Court Tennis Shoes

Clay court tennis shoes are specifically designed to provide exceptional traction, stability, and support for players to navigate the unique sliding movements and demands of clay court surfaces.

The soles of these shoes feature specialized patterns and materials to enhance traction on clay surfaces, preventing slipping and providing the necessary grip for quick directional changes.

The design of the shoe supports the sliding movements unique to clay courts, allowing players to move confidently across the surface.

The stability elements in the shoes help prevent ankle rolls and provide a solid base for powerful pushes-off during lateral movements. These features combined make clay court tennis shoes essential for players looking to optimize their performance on clay surfaces.

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Hard Court Tennis Shoes

Hard court tennis shoes prioritize durability, traction, and abrasion resistance to withstand the harsh and abrasive nature of hard court surfaces, providing long-lasting performance for the player.

These tennis shoes are designed with reinforced soles and sturdy materials to endure the demanding conditions of hard courts.

The outsoles feature herringbone patterns for enhanced traction and grip, allowing players to make quick lateral movements without slipping.

In addition, the abrasion-resistant upper materials and toe guards protect against scuffs and scrapes, extending the lifespan of the shoes.

This specific design focus ensures that players can maintain their speed and stability during intense, fast-paced matches while minimizing wear and tear on the shoes.

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Grass Court Tennis Shoes

Grass court tennis shoes focus on delivering exceptional grip, agility, and traction to accommodate the unique demands of grass court surfaces, optimizing the player’s movement and control during play.

The outsole of grass court tennis shoes is specifically designed with small rubber studs or nubs to provide enhanced traction on the slippery grass surface.

The upper construction often features strategic patterns and materials that offer both support and flexibility, allowing for quick changes in direction and swift movements around the court.

The use of low-profile cushioning ensures stability while maintaining a low-to-the-ground feel, amplifying the player’s responsiveness and connection to the court.

What Are The Must-Have Tennis Shoes For Every Player? [Our Unbiased 7 Picks]

Every player should consider essential tennis shoe options, including the top-rated, popular, and best-selling models that offer the necessary comfort, support, and performance for an exceptional on-court experience.

These are our best picks for the tenis shoes you need as player in the beginning of 2024.

Lacoste AG LT 23 Ultra

Support & Energy Return

It is a high-performance and premium tennis shoe by the French manufacturer Lacoste.

We’ve seen agressive baseliners like Ugo Humbert or Daniil Medvedev use it on the court. Obvisouly, they’re in search for stability, support and comfort.

Lacoste AG LT 23 Ultra review

The upper is a TPU mesh upper with a lightweight leno weave design, offering a blend of support, durability, and a comfortable fit.

For the midsole, Lacoste made a deal with the tire manufacturer “Goodyear” for the design of the rubber and optimization of its performance.

The outsole is made from Goodyear rubber, which provides a good grip and a supreme level of durability. The tailored herringbone design paired with Linegrip rubber compound ensures both multidirectional traction and lasting durability across diverse court surfaces.

The key feature is the EVA foam midsole combined with a PEBAX bridge unit to increase the level of stability and support.

ag lt 23 ultra outsole

The shank extends from the forefoot to the backfoot offering torsional and lateral stability.

What is noticeable is the smooth and soft feeling of the midsole giving players nice dampening when landing and brilliant bounce to the next position on the court.

No wonder why many tennis fans regard the AG-LT 23 shoes as the tennis shoes of this year. Big surprise for many players and especially a big improvement over the 2021 version.

The collar is high and padded for comfort, protection, and shock absorption.

Key strengths of this shoe:



Asics Gel Resolution 9

Ultimate Comfort and Stability

Five of the current Top 50 ATP players are wearing the new Asics Gel Resolution 9. This line has been top of the line for years now, having the 8th model as one of the best and most comfortable shoes to play tennis.

Asics Gel Resolution 9 review

The innovative design features a flexible upper, complemented by an extended Dynawall stability piece at the heel, delivering a harmonious blend of stability and dynamism.

The midsole, equipped with FlyteFoam and GEL cushioning, ensures each step is infused with energy and comfort during extended hours on the court.

The outsole, crafted with Asics High Abrasion Rubber, boasts a separated design for enhanced stability during landings, empowering aggressive movers with confidence.

asics gr9 outsole

The urethane-based upper showcases a significant texture enhancement compared to previous versions. Nonetheless, users might need a short adaptation phase on the court to attain the ideal lace tightness.

A brilliant feature of the Gel Resolution 9 is the layered structure beneath the urethane upper, using a tightly woven mesh with hexagonal patterns extending into the tongue.

This design enhances durability, especially advantageous for players who experience intense toe dragging or abrasion.

Overall, the Asics GEL Resolution 9 offers unparalleled stability, precise control over lateral movements, and a perfect fit. It is comfortable and durable and it gives you good traction and a sublime feeling on the court.

Key strengths of this shoe:



Diadora Speed Blushield Torneo 2

Good for Foot Pain

Diadora Speed Blushield Torneo 2 review

We’ve always liked the Diadora Speed Blushield line as one of the best shoes in terms of comfort. It suits many types of players who are prone to foot conditions like bunions, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and more.

This one follows the same steps as the Blushield 5 and the Blushield Torneo delivering brilliant cushioning and comfort.

The Didaora Blushield Torneo 2 AG is made for players of every skill level, suitable for utilization on solid or clay courts.

The upper is composed of SuprellTech, air mesh, and d-skin, ensuring remarkable stability, ventilation, and comfort; pliable lycra lining featuring a non-skid design.

The midsole is made from lightweight EVA foam, known for its lightness, which cushions the underfoot. The Blushield technology not only provides layers of cushioning but also supports the foot within the shoe. Resting atop the midsole, the DNATTIVO insole is a distinctive multi-density insert designed to improve comfort and enhance moisture absorption.

The outsole is made of rubber that incorporates a unique, durable Duratech 5000 compound.

Key strengths of this shoe:



New Balance Men’s 1006 V1

Best Quality to Budget Ratio

New Balance Men's 1006 V1  review

You are probably gonna be surprised reading this, but this 2015 tennis shoe is still one the best-selling ones in the market, praised by many casual and club players as well as pros who look for budget alternatives with the uppermost quality and comfort.

The New Balance Men’s 1006 V1 tennis shoes receive high praise for their lightweight design, wide toe box, and comfortable fit.

The cushioning insole, along with excellent support in the heel and ankle, adds a level of comfort that I haven’t experienced with many other tennis shoes. Despite being a size 11, slightly longer than my Adidas, the difference is negligible.

I’ve noticed that my slightly flat-footed right foot feels especially good in these shoes.

New Balance Men's 1006 V1 outsole

Overall, I highly recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive option for their tennis activities.

New Balance should be thanked for still producing and selling this great tennis shoe despite being an 8-year-old model.

Key strengths of this shoe:



New Balance FuelCell 996 V4

Comfort & Performance

New Balance FuelCell 996 V4 review

Despite being a previous model of this line, it is still one of the best-selling NB tennis shoes and we chose it for this list of 2024.

the New Balance 996 is a tennis shoe trusted by pros like WTA player Caroline Garcia. Made with precision and performance in mind, the upper is constructed from lightweight Hypoknit mesh, ensuring breathability and flexibility on the court.

The midsole boasts New Balance’s renowned Fuelcell technology, providing exceptional cushioning and support for optimal comfort during intense matches.

The full-length Ndurance outsole enhances the shoe’s longevity by offering superior traction and durability, ensuring extended wear.

New Balance FuelCell 996 V4 sole

What sets the NB 996 FuelCell v4 apart is its meticulous design, incorporating padding in all the right places for a snug fit and utilizing durable materials to withstand harsh court conditions especially in hard.

This shoe has gathered praise for its ability to alleviate knee and foot pain, offering cloud-like support to players engaged in tennis or similar racquet sports.

Let’s delve into some user reviews to get a real sense of the NB 996’s performance:

One friend of mine, previously loyal to ASICS gel resolution shoes, stumbled upon the NB 996 v4 as an alternative. Not only did he find these shoes lightweight and fast, but he also praised the remarkable comfort and comparable traction to their previous favorite. The shoe also comes with a 6-month durability guarantee.

On another hand, some players mentioned developing a sore heel and a calloused pad under one toe. They attributed this to the shoe’s specific design, indicating that the amount of material might differ from other tennis shoes. However, they acknowledged that factors such as playing on hard outdoor courts could contribute to the experience.

In summary, the New Balance FuelCell 996 v4 has earned its reputation for being not only lightweight and comfortable but also for addressing specific concerns like foot pain. Users appreciate the thoughtful design and durable construction, making these tennis shoes a reliable choice for players seeking both performance and comfort on the court.

Key strengths of this shoe:



Mizuno Enforce Tour Court

The Best Surprise

Mizuno Enforce Tour Court review

Mizuno has some serious tennis shoes like the Wave Exceed Tour 5, which was an absolute bang a few months ago and still going strong.

For this year, they again launched a superb model, praised by many players from club to professionals.

The upper is a lightweight 3-D Solid TPU+mesh mix providing a comfortable fit, durability, and breathability. An internal sleeve connected to the tongue supplies great comfort and a glove-like fit.

The midsole is ENERZY high rebound material to maximize energy return into every stride. PoWnCe offers lightweight, and responsive cushioning. Mizuno Wave enhances lateral stability of the shoe, and with shock absorption, disperses energy more evenly upon foot-strike.

For the outsole, DuRubber high durability rubber compound is formed into a full herringbone tread pattern for maximum grip and surface area on clay courts. Lateral outrigger provides a more powerful base and maximizes the lateral stability for aggressive cuts.

They’re very comfortable, responsive, durable, lightweight and nice looking. Also superb for pickleball players as they are smooth and responsive on hard surfaces.s

Overall, this shoe is the perfect combo of stability and agility. You get good lightweight speed but with more control and a solid stance from the baseline. This is here one of the best surprises this year and we recommend trying out this model.

Key strengths of this shoe:



Adidas Barricade 13

Classic Stability, Durability & Sliding

barricade 13 review

A good chunk of tennis players wear this model including, Thiem, Tsitsipas, Auger-Aliassime to name a few.

The Barricade tennis shoe is an absolute classic that traces its beginnings to the late 90s.

Today, with many iterations, the 13th version is still great and offers everything that a tennis pro or club player seeks on a court. It has better step-in comfort than ever before, while still retaining the trusty support, stability, and durability

The upper is a breathable mesh combined with ADITUFF recycled material placed in high wear areas and drag zones to offer durability and withstand abrasion when rubbed against cement or clay.

The outsole is an ADIWEAR 2.0 rubber compound for high wear durability. The split herringbone tread design enhances abrasion resistance and provides a nicely balanced grip for hard court sliding.

A Dual Density Repetitor midsole provides cushioning, with an anti-torsion TPU midfoot shank to maximize lateral stability.

The outsole is an ADIWEAR 2.0 rubber compound for high wear durability. The split herringbone tread design enhances abrasion resistance and provides a nicely balanced grip for hard court sliding.

barricade 13 outsole

This new version is filled with the latest tech such as:

  • Men’s mesh tennis shoes with Torsion System support for playing your best match
  • GEOFIT SENSEPODS: Foam Sensepods in the heel fill gaps to make you feel at one with your shoes
  • ENERGETIC FEEL: Lightweight foam REPETITOR midsole provides an energetic feel
  • ADIWEAR OUTSOLE: Adiwear outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability

Overall, this is the go-to tennis shoe if you’re hesitating to make the choice. It runs normal on a normal heel and median foot-width. It suits many types of players and can be considered a safe bet.

Key strengths of this shoe:



Biggest Disappointment in 2024

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2

There is the good and the bad. The worst thing that can happen in the tennis footwear industry is downgrading a nice and highly praised model.

For instance, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro that was and still widely used in the professional circuit has been overshadowed by the second version. You can find our review here.

There is a reason why Carlos Alcaraz or Holger Rune still play with the first version almost one year after the launch of the Vapor Pro 2.

In fact, I call it the biggest disappointment of this year as it lacks comfort, support and it even gave me foot pain in my forefoot under the toes.

Unfortunately, the sleek and superb design wasn’t complimented by the performance and you feel like throwing them away immediately after your first tennis session.

Here is what I personally and what many players found to be bad about this tennis shoes:

  • Despite featuring an Air Zoom unit, the forefoot area of the shoe feels overly rigid. Unfortunately, after just 2 hours of play, I experienced soreness specifically beneath my toes.
  • The shoes can be slippery on hard courts if you’re not familiar with the Vapor Pro line. It’s important to familiarize yourself with controlling your slides and be mindful of maintaining balance while running. I personally experienced a fall during my initial session with these shoes.
  • Some players like the low-to-the-ground design, but I don’t. I like to be elevated and super stable.

Final Words

So here’s our unbiased guide about the best tennis shoes that you can use on the court for the beginning of 2024.

We tried to incorporate not only the latest expensive models (that some reviewers push to make more sales and commisions), but also some of the older models that are still superb and highly successful within the tennis community.

tennis passionate reviewer foot 🙂

The most important aspect to pay attention to is the stability and the comfort. You should absolutely play pain free and secure your foot nicely inside the shoe to avoid injuries and play risk-free, as some surfaces can be slippery.

We believe that everyone is free to choose whatever model he wants and we also advise to try out a tennis shoe in your local store before buying.

If you choose to purchase through one of the links above, we’ll make a small commission to help pay the maintenance of this site. You’re not obliged to do it of course 🙂

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