7 Best Kids Court Tennis Shoes in 2024 – Our Top Picks

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Choosing a tennis shoe for your kids can be tricky since you want to offer them what is the best out there with the greater value.

When it comes to your child’s tennis game, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference. It’s not just about style, it’s about ensuring they have the support, comfort, and durability they need.

In addition, choosing tennis shoes for adult players is not the same as for kids, since they have fragile growing feet and we want them to wear protective footwear.

Well, we’ve done the job of reviewing them; here is a curated list of the 7 best kids tennis shoes to play on all courts in 2024.

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Important Features in Kids’ Tennis Shoes

When selecting tennis shoes for children, it’s essential to prioritize certain characteristics to ensure they have the right support and comfort during their tennis activities. Especially when we consider the fact that their feet are still fragile and require additional care and attention.

Here are the key features to look for:

  1. Proper Fit: The most crucial factor in any shoe is the fit. Kids’ feet can grow rapidly, so it’s essential to measure their feet accurately and choose shoes that provide a snug but not too tight fit. Avoid shoes that are too loose, as they can cause discomfort and affect performance on the court.
  2. Cushioning: Tennis involves a lot of running, jumping, and lateral movements, so good cushioning is vital to absorb shock and impact. Look for shoes with adequate padding in the midsole and heel area to protect young feet from stress-related injuries.
  3. Durability: Kids can be rough on their shoes, especially during sports activities. Opt for tennis shoes made from durable materials, reinforced toe caps, and sturdy outsoles to withstand wear and tear over time.
  4. Traction: Tennis requires quick changes in direction, so a shoe with good traction is essential to prevent slipping on the court. Look for a non-marking rubber outsole with a herringbone or multidirectional tread pattern.
  5. Breathability: Tennis can be physically demanding, and kids’ feet can sweat a lot during play. Choose shoes with breathable materials like mesh to keep their feet cool and dry.
  6. Ankle Support: While some kids’ tennis shoes offer higher ankle collars for added support, this may not be necessary for all children. Assess your child’s ankle stability and consider if extra ankle support is needed.

How to Measure Your Kids Foot Size?

  1. Gather the Necessary Tools:
    • A piece of paper larger than your child’s foot.
    • A pencil or pen.
    • A ruler or measuring tape.
    • A flat surface like a floor.
  2. Prepare the Foot for Measurement:
    • Make sure your child is wearing socks similar to what they would wear with the shoes you’re planning to purchase.
  3. Trace the Foot:
    • Place the piece of paper on a flat surface.
    • Ask your child to stand on the paper with their heel against a wall or straight edge.
    • Using the pencil or pen, trace around the outline of their foot. Ensure that the pen or pencil is held straight up and down; avoid angling it inwards or outwards.
  4. Measure the Length:
    • Once you’ve traced the foot, use the ruler or measuring tape to measure the length from the heel to the longest toe (which may not always be the big toe). This measurement will give you the foot length.

Kids’ Foot Size Chart

Having mastered the art of measuring kids’ shoe sizes, let’s use that knowledge to find your child the perfect pair of comfortable shoes. The measurements in inches and centimeters below refer to heel-to-toe length.

Baby shoe size (0-12 months) chart:

Walker shoe size (12-24 months) chart:

Toddler shoe size (2-4 years) chart:

Little kid shoe size (4-8 years) chart:

Big kid shoe size (8-12 years) chart:

Where to Buy Kids Tennis Shoes?

There are several retailers who can sell tennis shoes for your children. They don’t often have the same diversity and stock volume as adult shoes, but you can still find a superb tennis shoe for a kid.

Here are the best retailers for kids tennis footwear:

  • Amazon
  • Your local tennis shop
  • Tennis Warehouse
  • Tennis Express
  • Tennis Point
  • Walmart
  • Dick Sporting Goods

Of course you still need to compare the prices if you picked a model and a size of your choice.

Below are top picks to help you decide for yourself.

The 7 Best Tennis Shoes for Kids

1.   ASICS Kid’s Gel-Game 8 Grade School Tennis Shoes

This is a great tennis shoe if you’re looking for stability and comfort for your child. It plays well on all court surfaces and offers good grip and playability.

Here are the features of the Gel Game 8 GS:

  • The upper has an open mesh design that improves breathability
  • TRUSSTIC™ technology in the midsole generates stability on the court.
  • A combination of EVA midsole and GEL® technology cushioning in the forefoot to increase shock absorption.
  • The outsole is a resistant rubber with a modified herringbone pattern that offers traction, flexibility, and durability.

2.   Babolat Junior Propulse All Court Tennis Shoe

The Propulse Junior is personalized for young tennis players who put their shoes through demanding use. Drawing inspiration from the adult model, it offers a combination of support, durability, and comfort.

This is achieved through the inclusion of a midfoot strap, a protective piece in the forefoot, and a long-lasting Michelin sole, specifically designed for all court surfaces.

Here are the key features:

  • Protective rubber piece covering the inner forefoot down to the toes for upper durability and flexibility, while protecting the toes.
  • Kompressor technology includes the use of Thermo Plastic Rubber beneath the heel for superb shock absorption.
  • OrthoLite® insole provides great comfort and support.
  • Michelin rubber in the outsole brings the grip and durability that tennis demands on all courts.

Overall, this junior tennis shoe from Babolat incorporates all the technology from the adult version and

3.   ASICS Kid’s Gel-Resolution 9 Grade School Tennis Shoe

This is the latest model created by Asics, which has compliments from all users, especially kids who require the uppermost stability to avoid fatal injuries.

The Gel Resolution 9 is one the top-of-the-line shoes for adults and juniors as well, and they are famous for comfort and durability as well.

ASICS Kid's Gel-Resolution 9 Grade School Tennis Shoe

Here are the main features of the Asics Gel Resolution 9 GS shoes:

  • The precise fit of the upper offers breathability and room for foot growth of the young juniors.
  • Trusstic System: Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.
  • Forefoot GEL Technology: Provides cushioning and enhances shock absorption during forward propulsion and lateral movements.
  • The outsole is made from durable rubber that is flexible letting the kids move easier with quick changes of direction.

4.   Adidas Unisex-Child Barricade Tennis Shoe

Available for all kids from 3 to 12 years old, the Adidas Barricade is one shoe to look for if you want the best all-around choice.

Adidas Unisex-Child Barricade Tennis Shoe
  • The upper has a mesh design that offers breathability and comfort.
  • Intuitive lacing system that locks the feet in by pulling down the tongue to match the foot shape.
  • Geofit system in the heel for support and good fit.
  • Adiprene midsole and Torsion System offer comfort and stability and prevent the junior player from twisting his feet.
  • The rubber outsole delivers great grip and durability, with a special tread pattern.

Overall, the Adidas Barricade Junior tennis shoes are superb when it comes to overall stability and grip, along with comfort and breathability in all kinds of tennis conditions.

5.   New Balance Kid’s 696 V4 Tennis Shoe

The NB 696V4 is a performance-oriented tennis shoe for kids. It is designed to offer propulsion, speed but with superior grip and stability.

New Balance Kid's 696 V4 Tennis Shoe

These the main features:

  • Synthetic and mesh upper offers a breathable, comfortable fit.
  • Classic tongue design with thick padding to bring comfort and ease.
  • A wide toe box that provides plenty of room for all types of foot shapes.
  • High level of support and energy return in the midsole for top performance and speed.
  • NDurance outsole provides superior traction and durability.

6.   Adidas Unisex-Child Ubersonic 4 Tennis Shoe

Just like the adult version, the Adidas Ubersonic 4 tennis shoes are meant for speed and agility on the court.

Adidas Unisex-Child Ubersonic 4 Tennis Shoe

These are the key features of this shoe.

  • The upper comes with breathable mesh and a tightly locked fit to assist the junior player in his sprints to get the ball.
  • The midsole is an EVA foam that provides support and energy return.
  • The Adiwear outsole is grippy and keeps the player quick and stable on all surfaces.

Overall, many kids are satisfied with the Adidas Ubersonic 4 shoes as they find them comfortable, lightweight, and stable.

7.   K-Swiss Junior Bigshot Light 4 Kids’ Tennis Shoes

The new Bigshot Light 4 mirrors the build of the popular adult model. This versatile shoe is an ideal choice for young players seeking top-notch performance with the best value.

K-Swiss Junior Bigshot Light 4 Kids' Tennis Shoes
  • The upper features DURAWRAP LIGHT: A durable, but lightweight material used to add sturdiness to the upper in strategic wear areas.
  • DRAGGUARD components are located in the high wear areas of the toe and heel for resistance to abrasion.
  • 180 PSC PLANTAR: A 180° thermal plastic support chassis that enhances mid-foot stability and lateral protection.
  • The midsole contains EVA foam to provide good cushioning and support for the foot.
  • The outsole is made from AÖSTA 7.0 rubber compound, which is high-density to deliver nice grip and durability on all surfaces.

Overall, the Bigshot Light 4 tennis shoes are comfortable right out of the box, with no break-in, or any pain issues. They offer top performance for a long period of time. They might surprise you and your kids.

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