Holger Rune Tennis Shoes – What Does He Use?

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The young 19 years old Danish player is already inside the Top 20 with 2 ATP tournaments in his Palmares.

He is playing aggressive all-around tennis having fine footwork, high speed, and superb timing with the ball. He also possesses great control of his shots and cold nerves in the clutch moments.

Despite being still young, Holger has already beaten top players like Zverev, Shapovalov Tsitsipas, Hurkacz, Rublev, and Alcaraz.

Rune has made the quarter-finals of Roland Garros and the semi-finals of the Paris Bercy Masters in 2022. How far can he go?

Holger Rune tennis shoes are the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro.

nike air zoom vapor pro

Holger Rune Shoe Specs

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro shoes are used by many players like FritzAlcaraz, Khachanov, and so on.

They are relatively lightweight with 12.9 ounces for a 10.5 men’s size.

The Vapor Pro offers lots of agility and speed on all courts along with good stability to play with.

These are the key features of the Vapor Pro shoes:

  • The shoe provides a fine grip, necessary for quick footwork.
  • Step-in comfort with a stretchy internal sleeve.
  • The upper is breathable with an added second layer of solid mesh. It is resistant to abrasion.
  • The midsole is an Air Zoom foam unit that is responsive and shock-absorbent. The shoe provides cushioning and stiff lateral support.
  • The outsole delivers good traction and controlled sliding.

People’s Opinions On The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro Shoes

vapor pro shoes

Many players like that this pair of tennis shoes is lightweight and stable at the same time, thanks to the stiff frame on the side of the shoe.

It is a perfect choice for advanced players who want speed and agility.

As for beginners or amateurs, the low durability and the shy finishing make this shoe not the best option out there.

Many prefer the previous version (Nike Vapor X) and said it lasted way longer than the current model.

Overall, this is a great pair of shoes for advanced players looking for speed, agility, and stability rather than durability.

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