Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 Review – My Verdict

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When it comes to performance and style on the tennis court, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 stands out as a formidable contender.

In this review, we will explore the key features and benefits of this tennis shoe, providing an in-depth analysis of its design, comfort, performance, and overall appeal.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 Overview

Fast and explosive like the previous version, but it comes with thicker padding and more support in the forefoot for extra comfort.


These are the main components of the new Vapor Pro shoes.

  • The upper is made from a stretchy internal sleeve and mesh for breathability and comfort.
  • The midsole is an Air Zoom unit that is very responsive and provides good support. The update is about adding a Zoom unit in the forefoot area for increased support and assistance.
  • The outsole: A data-informed herringbone tread pattern for a good balance of grip and give. Rubber has been removed from low-wear areas, to reduce weight.
  • Slight break-in required

Main technology

The Nike Vapor Pro 2 is packed with the latest technology.

Here are the main features:

  • Zoom Air unit: Improved cushioning.
  • Asymmetrical lacing: hugs feet during lateral movements.
  • Data-informed tread pattern: Herringbone pattern for both clay and hard surfaces, to get the best possible grip and ease of sliding depending on each surface condition.

What I Liked About the Vapor Pro 2

First I really liked the new fit, which is classic and easy. Right away you feel your feet wrapped inside but we advise you to get half a size more than your usual size.

vapor pro 2 on hard

This is what I liked about this shoe:

  • Responsive: After taking a few steps and engaging in some light running with this shoe, my initial impression is that it offers a springy sensation and a feeling of forward propulsion.
  • Lightweight: These shoes are impressively lightweight, providing a sense of agility and speed. Remarkably, they also manage to maintain a stable feel, striking a balance between quickness and stability.
  • Comfort: The interior padding in the heel counter and collar of the shoe is noticeably thick, allowing for a plush and cushioned feel. The upper material also offers excellent foot wrapping, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Classic tongue: The tongue of the shoe is pleasantly cushioned and comfortable, boasting a classic design. This is a welcome feature for me personally, as I strongly dislike the thin tongues incorporated into the upper sleeve of other shoe models.
  • Lateral support: One notable advantage is the great lateral support thanks to the full-length foot frame on lateral sides.
  • Slight Break-in: The moment I put on the shoes, they provided an excellent fit right away. However, when I started playing on the court, I had to adjust and get accustomed to the movements of playing and running back and forth in them.

What I Didn’t Like About the Vapor Pro 2

vapor pro 2 lateral

While the Vapor Pro 2 shoes were a joy to play with on the court, I had these negative observations:

  • Despite featuring an Air Zoom unit, the forefoot area of the shoe feels overly rigid. Unfortunately, after just 2 hours of play, I experienced soreness specifically beneath my toes.
  • The shoes can be slippery on hard courts if you’re not familiar with the Vapor Pro line. It’s important to familiarize yourself with controlling your slides and be mindful of maintaining balance while running. I personally experienced a fall during my initial session with these shoes.
  • Some players like the low-to-the-ground design, but I don’t. I like to be elevated and super stable, something the Babolat Propulse Fury offers.


vapor pro 2 outsole

Q: How does it fit?

A: It’s comfortable and fits easily. Please consider ordering half a size more than usual.

Q: Is it worth it?

A: Yes. If you want a lightweight and quick tennis shoe for performance and sliding, go for it.

Q: Is it durable?

A: It has good durability. The upper and outsole materials are of high quality and they are sturdy and resistant.

Q: Does it need a break-in?

A: A slight break-in. One tennis session was enough for me.

Q: Can I play on all courts?

A: There is an all-court version suitable for all courts. But if you play a lot on clay, get the clay version that comes with the special clay outsole tread.

To Sum Up

The second version of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro is not a total disaster like you can find on the internet.

This tennis shoe has a sleek and stylish appearance, making it the most attractive option out there in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a lightweight tennis shoe that is quick, responsive, comfortable, and easy to slide with, the Vapor Pro 2 is a great choice.

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