How to Choose Your Tennis Shoes?

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To play tennis, it is highly recommended to wear tennis shoes designed specifically to play on the courts. We have an article on that.

If you want to use your running or walking shoes to play the game, you expose yourself to fatal injuries. More, your shoes will be damaged in no time on a tennis court.

There are thousands of shoes available on the market. Even the professionals wear different shoes every tournament. So why are there so many models and how to choose good tennis shoes?

Why is Wearing Tennis Shoes Necessary for Tennis?

These are the main reasons every player needs to wear tennis shoes to play:

  • Adequate for tennis footwork:  Movements in tennis are quick and abrupt. In a single point, you can use stuttering steps to play a forehand, then run in full speed to the net to get the ball then move back on your toes, and then use lateral movement to play angled shots. This is an example on why you need shoes that are resistant, flexible.
  • Prevents injuries: A tennis shoe has more technology in it. Additional soles and cushioning are built to support the foot in every direction. The toes and ankles are fully protected from twisting.
  • Easy Sliding: Tennis shoes have outsoles in the bottom designed for each type of court. They contain a tread pattern to facilitate the sliding. For example, clay and hard courts shoes give more stability since the sliding is easy, while grass shoes provide better adherence and eases sliding.
  • Not court damaging: Normal shoes can damage the courts especially on clay and grass.

Things to Consider Before Buying Tennis Shoes

Choosing a good pair of tennis shoes depends on several factors.


The brand might affect your choice. For example, I love Rafa Nadal so I always buy his Nike shoes. Another example is you may prefer a specific sports brand or you have a loyalty card, which makes you choose that brand over others.


If you don’t play regularly and you want budget tennis shoes, you can get a pair under $80.

In general, tennis shoes under $100 are for beginners or amateurs who play occasionally. these shoes break after 3 to 6 months and need replacing.

Tennis shoes over $100 are more resistant and durable and provide better support and traction. They can last more than 6 months even with frequent practice.

Body physique

Opt for quality cushioning if you weigh more than 177lbs / 80kg or if you have knee, back, heel, or forefoot pain.

If you can afford it, buy shoes with great cushioning in the heel and forefoot.

Playing Frequency

An amateur playing once or twice a week doesn’t need to pay much money for tennis shoes. However, a dedicated player who trains frequently, let’s say more than 4 times a week, must get highly comfortable and protective shoes that cost a little more money. This is crucial for relaxing the feet and preventing injuries.


If you play regularly, you have to consider durable shoes with resistant outsoles to avoid changing them every 2 or 3 months.

Court surface

Every surface in tennis demands specific shoes.

  • Clay: Shoes with multidirectional tread pattern sole for safe sliding and stability
  • Hardcourt: Shoes with very durable outsole that resists the traction and allows sliding with no injuries
  • Grass: Stable shoes with flat outsole and more inside cushioning for better support and foot protection


Your level in tennis determines the quality of your playing gear.

Newbies or amateurs might pick any tennis shoes and it’s ok. However, professionals or world-class players are meticulous when choosing their shoes.

First, they may have a contract with a sports brand so they should wear their shoes only. In addition, they need a perfect fit for maximum comfort and stability. Also, they tend to choose the latest technology that would give them more cushioning and speed.

Finally, the pros have dozens of pairs and they change them depending on the venue.

My Personal Recommendation

Different players wear different shoes. Your level determines what to choose in terms of durability, price, brand…

I personally suggest one of the best shoes on the market right now.

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4

It seems like this is running street sneakers. However, this is a lightweight and versatile pair of tennis shoes, which I like and would recommend so much.

Reasons why this is the perfect shoe for a beginner:

  • Great design: It has futuristic street-style design. In addition, it appears as a performance shoe designed for a top athlete. It looks like swag but in the reality, it is crafted for tennis players.
  • Lightweight: The 13.5 ounces make it lighter than professional shoes in the range of 15 or 16 ounces. This is suitable for beginners or amateurs because they would need more speed and better movement.
  • All courts: The herringbone tread pattern makes it a perfect shoe for all types of surfaces. Additionally, the Adidas rubber compound used in the outsole provides great traction and smooth sliding.
  • Great fit: It feels like a part of your body.
  • Versatile: Not only you can play in all courts, but also you can wear it to walk or hand out.


  • Primeknit sock-like upper: to maximize the comfort and flexibility when sliding.
  • Adituff materials: In high, wear areas for more durability.
  • Lightstrike midsole: for amazing rebound and good responsiveness.
  • Adiwear outsole: for enhanced traction on all surfaces.
Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 outsole

To Wrap It Up

You can spend hours searching for the perfect tennis shoes. But in the end, it all comes down to your personal preference in terms of brand, design, type of surface, durability, price… If you are overwhelmed by all the models, the Adidas Ubersonic 4 is one of the hottest pairs to go for, and you won’t be disappointed.

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