Daniil Medvedev Tennis Gear – What Does He Use?

Daniil Medvedev has gone from a promising next-gen player to a superstar world n°2 behind the great Djokovic. He is a multiple Masters 1000 champion winning 5 on hardcourts. His tennis career was propelled to a new dimension after his massive success against the Serb in the US Open 2021 final, with a remarkable performance of 3 sets to 0.

On court and outside of the court, he is unusual, funny, and a very iconic and character. When it comes to his playing gear, it is no different either. He plays with different equipment than most players.

So, what does Medvedev carry for a tennis match?

Daniil Medvedev’s Racquet

Daniil Medvedev plays with a Tecnifibre T-Fight RS 305 Tennis Racquet, designed by Lacoste.

Tecnifibre T-Fight RS 305

The racquet is known for the control it provides and how it is useful for training young players to better hit inside the court. It is perfect for the Russian game since he relies on long rallies from the baseline and he defends mostly in his games.

The racquet has a fairly large 98 square inch head and a dense 18×19 strings pattern providing good control and explosiveness.

This is considered a midweight racquet with its 10.8oz weight unstrung and the 3pts Head Light balance.

Specifications of the racquet

Head size98in / 632.26cm
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight10.8oz / 305gr
String Tension49-55 lbs
Balance3 pts HL / 13.11in
Swing speedFast

Daniil Medvedev’s Shoes

Daniil Medvedev currently plays with the Lacoste Men’s AG-LT 21 Ultra tennis shoes. He used to play with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, but he switched to the French brand shoes.

Not many players on the tour play with these, but he feels comfortable with them and his improvement and the results he’s had, speak for themselves.

Shoe Overview

 Lacoste Men's AG-LT 21 Ultra tennis shoes

This is a new performance model made by Lacoste.

  • The upper is made from Helix Woven TPU Mesh, which is breathable and gives great comfort and flexibility. In addition, the shoe offers generous room for players with wide feet.
  • The midsole features an EVA foam combined with a Pebax bridge unit to increase stability, and support during exhausting baseline rallies.
  • The shank made from sturdy materials, extends to the forefoot and the backfoot, to offer a good level of torsional stability and prevents
  • The outsole is made from Goodyear rubber, which provides good traction and durability. The tread pattern is adequate for hard courts and can be used on other surfaces as well.
  • The tongue and the collar are padded and plushy for comfort, protection, and shock absorption.

Overall, this is a fantastic shoe, especially for hardcourts players.

Daniil Medvedev’s Tennis Bag

Daniil Medvedev carries the Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS 15R tennis bag in the ATP Tour.

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS 15R

First, the bag design is amazing featuring white and black, and the French tricolor colors of the brand (blue, white, and red), which are by the way the same colors as the Russian flag.

  • The bag is big and equipped with 3 large pockets. Each pocket can hold up to 5 racquets for a total of 15.
  • Two of the pockets are ventilated to freshen the shoes and the wet clothes.
  • This bag uses Tarpaulin lining that is a strong, UV and water resistant material, ready to endure the toughest conditions.
  • There is also a big pocket to hold heavier items like the bottles, balls cans and snacks.
  • Foam padded adjustable straps provide comfort and convenience.

Overall, the bag is solid, resistant, and very convenient for professionals and amateurs.

Daniil Medvedev’s Racquet Strings

Daniil Medvedev’s racquet strings of choice are the Tecnifibre Razor Code White Tennis. It helped him during 2021 to achieve massive success, by producing high-quality controlled, and consistent shots.

 Tecnifibre Razor Code White

The ATP Razor Code is a control-oriented string for players seeking rallies with precision, power, and a good amount of topspin.

This string is a monofilament co-polymer featuring the Thermocore Technology of Tecnifibre. It consists in preheating the fiber and changing temperature during construction, in order to get the matrix to soften.

Where to Buy?

If you are a fan of Daniil and love his determination and funny character, you might as well try his gear, which already made its proof on the court with the multiple titles he has amassed until now.

These are the items with a purchase link, with the lowest price out there. (in US dollars)

ItemPricePurchase link
Tecnifibre T-Fight RS 305 racquet$230SEE PRICE HERE  
Lacoste Men’s AG-LT 21 Ultra shoes$175SEE PRICE HERE  
Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS 15R bag$129SEE PRICE HERE
Tecnifibre Razor Code White strings$16SEE PRICE HERE  

We will earn a small commission if you buy through the link 🙂

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