7 Most Comfortable Court Tennis Shoes in 2024

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Comfort is a key component to playing at your best level on a tennis court. Otherwise, playing becomes unpleasant and your focus shifts to your shoes being bad and uncomfortable, which leads to bad sensations or worse, foot injuries.

Choosing the right tennis shoe for your feet is essential to find comfort and relaxation while you play. Each person will find a specific brand or model more suitable to his foot structure.

However, there are some tennis shoes that everyone finds comfortable no matter the conditions. The reasons are the materials, the design, and the technology incorporated in those models.

In this article, we will list 7 of the most comfortable tennis shoes to enjoy tennis.

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1.   Asics Gel Resolution 8

Asis Gel Resolution 8 women

Asics is famous for making comfortable and durable tennis shoes, but the Gel Resolution 8 tops the lot with its maximum cushioning and seamless fit.

The upper is a combination of TPU and mesh offering a comfy fit and lots of breathability.

Asics Personal Heel Fit technology gives the feet added stability and prevents undesired movements.

The midsole consists of FlyteFoam and Gel cushioning to provide responsiveness and brilliant shock absorption. It also incorporates Dynawall technology in the midfoot area to prevent foot twisting.

In addition, the Gel Resolution 8 is one of the most durable shoes and Asics offers a 6-month guarantee for it.

Overall, this is a solid option if you’re looking not only for maximum comfort and cushioning, but also for top performance and durability.

2.   Adidas SoleCourt Boost

Adidas SoleCourt Boost

It is one of the most successful tennis shoes made by Adidas in terms of comfort, stability, and support.

What makes it apart from the other models is the Boost midsole, which is superb for support, shock absorption, and energy return.

The materials used on the inside and the outside are soft and durable. Take as an example the TPU upper coming with the Adiwear dots that help you resist to abrasion.

The Adidas SoleCourt Boost offers protection and cushioning, especially the V shape around the Achilles tendon and the wide toe box.

The forefoot and the midfoot are reinforced and attached to the midsole. This gives you more stability and better foot wrapping if you move a lot.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the SoleCourt Boost if you want comfort, and stability and also if you suffer from foot pain like bunions, plantar fasciitis, or ankle sprains.

3.   Diadora Blushield Torneo

Diadora Speed Blushield 5

The Diadora Blushield Torneo is a great pick for people with all foot pain, particularly ankle issues.

In general, Diadora shoes are famous for their comfort and support. These shoes allow you to move around the court with total confidence, knowing that your ankles and toes are fully supported during the shocks, on all surfaces.

You can feel the sensation of your ankles and toes being wrapped in a thick plush layer.

The bottom and the arch are stiff and supported thanks to the Blushield technology incorporated in the ball of the foot, which features cushioning and responsiveness.

The midsole contains an inner arch reinforcement pressuring the arch for pain relief.

The durability of this shoe is incredible. They stand the test of time and are backed by a 6-month guarantee.

It is easier to break in than the previous version. And soon enough it becomes stable, comfortable, and easy to fit in with a sock-like feel.

An outsole base shank adds lots of lateral stability and prevents bad foot movements.

If you are a tennis player suffering from foot pain like plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bunions, and ankle issues, and seek comfort and pain relief, the Diadora Speed Blushield 5 is a good choice.

4.   New Balance 996 v4

New Balance FuelCell 996v4

The New Balance 996 is trusted by many players all over the world, including pro WTA player Caroline Garcia.

The upper is lightweight and made from Hypoknit mesh, which provides breathability and flexibility.

The midsole features the NB signature Fuelcell technology for cushioning and support under the feet.

What makes it really good is the padding in all the corners of the shoe along with a good fit and durable materials.

In addition, people suffering from knee or foot pain will like how this tennis shoe alleviates the suffering and provides cloud-like support when playing tennis or similar racquet sports.

Overall, people seem to like the NB 996 so much because of how lightweight they are but also comfortable right out of the box and durable.

5.   K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

Along with the affordable price, the Hypercourt Express offers an excellent level of comfort, style, and support. These shoes are on the heavier side (14 ounces) but they feel incredibly light.  

The upper of the Hypercourt Express is light and flexible.

For people suffering from foot pain, they have plush cushioning with lots of foam padding in the midsole.

These supportive parts contribute to avoiding injuries in the ankles and toes and to bring a stiff feeling thanks to the DuraWrap technology.

The shoes have a low arch but combined with a sturdy shank in the middle, they great support even for players with high arches.

In addition, the Hypercourt Expert includes lightweight inner soles that your feet will sink into, but wouldn’t fret about sweat; they are ventilated with mesh panels to keep your feet cool and dry.

Finally, these shoes feel nice and grippy and provide an incredible level of traction on hard courts and clay courts. It is a perfect choice for comfort and pain relief.

6.   Babolat SFX3

SFX 3 shoes

Women absolutely love this shoe for its comfort and durability. It’s the improved version of the SFX2, giving more cushioning, padding, and general comfort.

Players with wide feet will absolutely love the room, especially in the toe box.

The upper features TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) tube compression system positioned beneath the heel for exceptional shock absorption, and energy return for a good performance.

The midsole contains Kompressor System positioned beneath the heel for exceptional shock absorption. EVA/PU insole memory foam for a plush feel underfoot.

In addition, this shoe is durable and the outsole provides superb traction and stability thanks to a collaboration between Babolat and car tire manufacturer Michelin.

Overall, the Babolat SFX3 is a good choice, particularly the women’s version that provides comfort, room, and pain alleviation.

7.   Nike Air Zoom GP Turbo

Nike Air Zoom GP Turbo

It is a classic in the Nike tennis footwear line. The new GP Turbo is the successor of the Zoom Zero, but with improved comfort, performance, and a stylish retro look.

They are endorsed by top players Naomi Osaka and Frances Tiafoe.

It offers lots of responsive cushioning and extra bounce. The inside is well padded and many players find it very comfortable.

A high-padded heel collar gives you solid support and extra stability for those tennis abrupt movements.

White & Metallic silver GP Turbo
White & Metallic silver GP Turbo – limited edition

The outsole has an innovative design with bumped-up durability for aggressive movers who like to slide a lot on cement.

Finally, the GP Turbo is a lightweight and fast tennis shoe that offers ultimate performance on all courts coupled with top-notch comfort and support.

One thing to be aware of is the slightly narrow forefoot that can cause bunions if you have wide feet. In this case, you should look for tennis shoes that are adequate for wider feet.

Final Words

Playing tennis for hours requires you to choose comfortable and durable footwear to play your best.

So these were my picks for the most comfortable tennis shoes. I hope you found it helpful regardless of what level of game you play.

If you want durable court tennis shoes, here is a guide for you.

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