Tallon Griekspoor Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Tallon is one of the few Dutch players that currently sit inside the top 100 in men’s ranking. He is talented enough to compete for ATP titles. But can he evolve further and have a breakthrough season in 2023?

On the court, he is an aggressive baseliner with a modern style of hitting shots with topspin and depth and taking any chance to win the point at the net or with a winner.

Tallon Griekspoor plays with the Tecnifibre ATP T-Fight 305 XTC racquet painted to look like a new T-Fight 305.

Griekspoor Racquet Specs

Many pros are using Tecnifibre racquets today like Medvedev or Swiatek.

As for Tallon, he plays with an older version of the T-Fight called the ATP TFight 305 XTC, but it isn’t much different in terms of specs.

It’s a 98 sq in frame with a string pattern of 18×19. So it offers a good blend of power, spin, and control.

The Swingweight is 329 so a little high making the racquet stable but demands skill to maneuver it. Nonetheless, it is comfortable for the arms and provides a good feel on the net.


Impressive from the baseline, the 305 XTC gives you easy access to depth, great control, and consistency to grow your confidence and make you play better.

Overall, the racquet chosen by Tallon suits his modern playing style having deep powerful, and controlled strokes with spin and speed along with good serve and net skills.


Head size98 sq in
Length27 in
Unstrung weight10.8oz / 305gr
String pattern18×19

Griekspoor Racquet Strings

Tallon strings his racquet with the Tecnifibre Black Code 17/1.24 strings.

Tecnifibre Black Code 17/1.24

It is always good to choose a string from the same manufacturer. In general, they match the racquet and offer better playability.

The Black Code strings are a soft and flexible poly offering a lot of spin potential thanks to the pentagonal shape and the mixture of polyester used in the manufacturing.

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly the tension of Griekspoor’s racquet.

source: https://www.tecnifibre.com/en/biographie-tallongriekspoor.html

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