Tallon Griekspoor Tennis Shoes – What Does He Wear?

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Tallon is a Dutch tennis player that currently sits inside the top 50 in men’s ranking. He still hasn’t won a title but we can bet that it’s not going to be long before he clinches one given his current level.

On the court, he is an aggressive baseliner with a modern playing style and he also moves quickly.

Tallon Griekspoor tennis shoes are the Asics Solution Speed FF2.

Asics Solution Speed FF2 review

Griekspoor Shoe Specs

Just like De Minaur, Tallon is a player who likes to play with the Asics Solution Speed FF2, one of the best tennis shoes for comfort, support, and performance.

Here are the main features of this shoe.

  • The upper is made from quality mesh combined with PU. It is solid and provides flexibility and is a good fit thanks to Dynawrap technology.
  • The midsole is responsive and absorbs the shocks conveniently.
  • The outsole is made from high-abrasion rubber combined with a multidirectional tread pattern to offer controlled sliding and a good grip.
  • The shank in the middle is equipped with Twistruss system that prevents torsional movements of the foot and provides great stability and support for the arch.
  • The tongue is classic coming with dense padding and a good length to give more comfort and fit.
  • The lacing system is also classic and made from good quality nylon that is elastic and adjusts easily.
  • No break-in is what Asics says about the shoe.

Griekspoor Shoe Review

The Asics Solution Speed FF2 is lightweight and fast. They also are stable and supportive, while being extremely comfortable. They are a solid choice for amateurs and professional tennis players. The only complaints we have are the lower durability of the shoe, and the toe box area being a little narrow.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfort
  • Good fit
  • Nice support and shock absorption
  • Superb grip and easy sliding
  • Classic padded tongue
  • No break-in


  • Narrow in the toe area
  • Not durable

Should You Get Griekspoor’s Tennis Shoes?

If you want a lightweight and performant shoe that is fast, comfortable, and supportive, then this is the one.

But if you like more durability, you can look at either the Gel Resolution 9 or the Court FF models.

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