Marketa Vondrousova Tennis Shoes – 2023

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Marketa Vondrousova is a professional tennis player from the Czech Republic. She was born on June 28, 1999, in Sokolov, Czech Republic.

Vondrousova is best known for her powerful and versatile playing style on the tennis court.

She is a left-handed player with a two-handed backhand and she has achieved significant success in both singles and doubles competitions.

On the court, Marketa Vondrousova wears the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro tennis shoes.

Shoe Specs

Despite endorsing the Vapor Pro 2, she recently appeared with the older model.

Many pro players are still not tempted to switch to the Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 and prefer using the first model, which was a big success.

Other pros have made the switch though like Rublev or Khachanov. Maybe they found the second shoe from the Vapor Pro line to be more comfortable and overall performant.

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As for the Vapor Pro, they are known for being lightweight, snug fit, and performant, especially on hard courts. Here are the main features:

  • The upper boasts breathability and features an additional layer of sturdy mesh, offering resistance to abrasion caused by sliding on clay or hard surfaces.
  • Equipped with Nike’s Air Zoom foam unit, the midsole provides exceptional responsiveness and shock absorption, delivering excellent cushioning and firm lateral support for enhanced stability.
  • The outsole is designed for controlled traction, enabling modern players to execute slides effectively on hard courts.
  • Internally, the shoe is generously padded, and the forefoot is positioned close to the ground, promoting increased speed and tactile sensitivity on the playing surface.

What Do People Think About Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro Shoes?

A notable feature appreciated by many is the dual advantage of lightweight design and stability offered by this tennis shoe.

It proves to be an excellent choice for advanced and professional players seeking heightened speed and precise control over their movements, enabling effective sliding on various court surfaces.

However, for amateur players, durability might be a concern, as some have noted issues with the shoe’s longevity and perceived inexpensive finishing.

Consequently, replacing these shoes periodically could potentially lead to higher costs.

To summarize, this pair of shoes is a superb option for advanced players to prioritize speed and stability across all court types, rather than prioritizing durability or cost-effectiveness.

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