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It looks like Italian players are taking tennis by storm. Shortly after Jannik Sinner’s big win at the Australian Open, another talent from Italia named Luciano Darderi was crowned in the Cordoba Open to win his maiden ATP title.

When I saw him play, I quickly noticed the amount of spin he puts in the ball and the high net clearance as he only makes a few errors. He also has superb returns of serves and top-notch footwork.

Darderi’s current racquet is the Yonex Percept 97D.

yonex percetp 97d - darderi

Darderi Racquet Specs

Also used by Marcos Giron, the new Yonex Percept 97D is low in stiffness and low-powered offering lots of control and comfort.

The string pattern is 18×20 so the extra strings offer more density and better control and precision of the shots.

One significant factor to consider is the increased weight of this model compared to other Yonex racquets, which adds overall stability, especially in serves and net play.

The stock unstrung weight is 320 g / 11.3 oz. Darderi adds lead tape in his racquet to increase the weight and the swingweight even more.

Finally, while having 97in² in the head size, the classic ISOMETRIC shape of Yonex racquets increases the sweet spot a bit, giving you better pop and a higher margin of error.

Good choice by Luciano.

You can check the price of the racquet in or Amazon.

Darderi Racquet Strings

Darderi looks to be using Yonex PolyTour Pro yellow strings. It is famous inside Yonex racquet players, like Nick Kyrgios.

polytour pro

They are arm-friendly and soft and they offer good spin and nice ball-pocketing.

Aggressive big hitters love this string for its spin potential and the control it offers. The Polytour Pro is also durable and good for tension maintenance.

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