What Is Andrey Rublev Tennis Equipment?

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Andrey Rublev is a big star in tennis. He has gone from a promising next-gen to a consistent Top 10 player, winning titles and achieving good results in Grand Slams and Masters.

His biggest achievement is winning the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 in 2023. Can he achieve further?

Andrey is a solid player on the court and difficult to beat. His game is based on attacking with powerful groundstrokes and defending quickly from the baseline. In addition, he is famous for having a cracking forehand, one of the best on the Tour at the moment.

The only problem with Rublev’s game is the lack of consistency. Sometimes, he makes unforced errors that cause mental difficulty and cost him important matches in his career.

So, what equipment does Andrey Rublev use to produce his great tennis?

What Racquet Does Andrey Rublev Use?

Andrey Rublev’s tennis racquet is the Head Gravity Pro.

head gravity pro

The new Head Gravity Pro freshened its lookup with a new cosmetic featuring neon-like yellow and green on one side, and blue and purple on the other side.

  • The combination of Graphene 360+ technology and SpiralFibers provides the player with stability, power, and a good feel.
  • This racquet is in the midweight tier of racquets but feels lightweight and fast in the swing. The medium Swingweight of 333 places this racquet in a versatile tier to play all kinds of shots efficiently without feeling heavy or light.
  • In addition, it has a generous 18×20 frame to generate groundstrokes seamlessly from heavy top spins to flat groundstrokes.

Overall, the Gravity Pro 2021 is the perfect racquet for an attacking tennis player using fast and powerful groundstrokes from the baseline, like Rublev.

Head Gravity Pro Specs

Head size100in / 645.16cm
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight11.1oz / 315g
Strung weight11.7oz / 331g
String Tension48-57 lbs
Balance6 pts HL / 12.75in
Swing speedFast
Power LevelLow

Andrey Rublev’s Tennis Shoes

Rublev’s tennis shoes are the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2.

rublev vapor pro2

This shoe is famous for being fast and offering agility and responsiveness.

It is designed for quick players and Andrey Rublev is one of them. It is on the lightweight side with an average of 12.9 ounces for a 10.5 size.


  • The upper is made from a stretchy internal sleeve and mesh for breathability and comfort.
  • The midsole is an Air Zoom unit that is very responsive and provides good support. The update is about adding a Zoom unit in the forefoot area for increased support and assistance.
  • The outsole: A data-informed herringbone tread pattern for a good balance of grip and give. Rubber has been removed from low-wear areas, to reduce weight.
  • Slight break-in required

Here’s my review of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 tennis shoes

Main technology

The Nike Vapor Pro 2 is packed with the latest technology.

Here are the main features:

  • Zoom Air unit: Improved cushioning.
  • Asymmetrical lacing: hugs feet during lateral movements.
  • Data-informed tread pattern: Herringbone pattern for both clay and hard surfaces, to get the best possible grip and ease of sliding depending on each surface condition.

Andrey Rublev’s Racquet Strings

The strings of choice of Andrey Rublev are the Luxilon Adrenaline 1.30.

Luxilon Adrenaline

The Luxilon Adrenaline is a co-polymer monofilament destined for control.

  • This string is affordable compared to other models, but also efficient in terms of spin generation and precision of the shots.
  • It is soft, comfortable, and responsive, unlike other models like the Luxilon 4G , which tend to be stiffer and a little hard on the hand.
  • It offers great durability and good tension maintenance to last many games without having to restring again.

Overall, this string is a perfect choice for amateurs and professionals, looking for control, softness, and durability. It is also very affordable.

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