Karen Khachanov Tennis Shoes – What Does He Use?

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Karen Khachanov is one of the important Russian players of this decade.

He has established himself as a fierce opponent hungry for titles starting in 2018 when he reached new heights in his career.

Karen ultimately won the Paris Masters 1000 title by beating the legend Novak Djokovic in the final of 2018.

After that year, people expected him to become a serious contender for big titles, but the opposite happened. He was obviously overtaken by his fellow compatriot Daniil Medvedev as the current best Russian player by achieving a lot more than him.

Today, we don’t know if Karen Khachanov can return to his brilliant best, but we hope he doesn’t turn into a wasted talent, because he has all the skills of a champion.

On the court, he is famous for hammering his opponents with massive forehands and serves. However, his backhand is not as penetrating.

Karen is a quick player and has good footwork. He also likes to get to the ball quickly to use all his power in his shots.

Karen Khachanov’s tennis shoes are the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 shoes.

nike air zoom vapor pro 2

Karen Khachanov Shoe Specs

Karen has recently switched to the second iteration of the Air Zoom Vapor Pro like his compatriot Rublev.

The new tread pattern is interesting having a data-informed design that creates optimal grip without impacting the ability to slide.

It is flat but at the same time provides suitable traction leaving you with better control of your slides on a hard court.

The Vapor Pro 2 is even more comfortable and padded. In addition, Nike increased the ground clearance on the forefoot for better support under the toes.

The Zoom Air unit under the forefoot and the soft foam under the heels both deliver a springy feel and uppermost support and comfort.

Also, a good feature they adopted in the new version is the return to a traditional tongue design, which is padded and agreeable.

Finally, the newly-designed upper is flexible and breathable and provides a good and comfortable fit.

Overall, the new Nike Air Zoom Vapor 2 is a contender for the best tennis shoes of 2023 in terms of comfort, durability, support, and hardcourt sliding.

What Do People Think About Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 Shoes?

Many people like that this pair of tennis shoes is lightweight and stable at the same time. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Good stability
  • Controllable sliding: Easy sliding and stopping
  • Drag materials around the forefoot for resistance
  • Nice grip and superb durability
  • One of the most elegant-looking tennis shoes


  • Lower foot locking than the previous version

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