Karen Khachanov Tennis Shoes – What Does He Use In 2022?

Karen Khachanov is one of the important Russian players of this decade.

He has established himself as a fierce opponent hungry for titles starting from 2018 when he reached new heights in his career.

Karen ultimately won the Paris Masters 1000 title by beating the legend Novak Djokovic in the final of 2018.

After that year, people expected him to become a serious contender for big titles, but the opposite happened. He was obviously overtaken by his fellow compatriot Daniil Medvedev as the current best Russian player by achieving a lot more than him.

Today, we don’t know if Karen Khachanov can return to his brilliant best, but we hope he doesn’t turn into a wasted talent, because he has all the skills of a champion.

On the court, he is famous for hammering his opponents with massive forehands and serves. However, his backhand is not as penetrating.

Karen is a quick player and has good footwork. He also likes to get to the ball quickly to use all his power in his shots.

Karen Khachanov tennis shoes are the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro shoes.

Karen Khachanov Shoe Specs

Karen’s Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro shoes are used by many pros on the Tour like Rublev, Fritz, Alcaraz

They are lightweight and perfect for players looking for speed, stability, and easy sliding on all courts.

The main characteristics of the shoes are as follows.

  • Fast and helps for quick changes of direction and improvisation.
  • Good wrapping of the feet, leaving no space for undesirable foot movements.
  • Breathable upper made of solid mesh. It is resistant to abrasion made by sliding in clay or cement.
  • Nike’s Air Zoom foam unit in the midsole, responsive and shock-absorbent.
  • Good cushioning
  • Stiff lateral frame to protect the feet from torsional movements for more stability.
  • Performant outsole for adequate traction that allows the player to slide on hard courts efficiently.

What Do People Think About Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro Shoes?

Many people like that this pair of tennis shoes is lightweight and stable at the same time.

It is a great pick for advanced players who want to save precious fractions of seconds to quickly get to the ball or bounce from a difficult position.

For amateurs, they may find the shoes not durable and have poor finishing. So it can get expensive to replace them every once in a while.

Overall, this is a great pair of shoes for advanced players looking for more speed and high performance on all courts rather than durability or budget.

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