Madison Keys Racquet – What Does She Use?

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Madison is a talented tennis player from the US. Her career took a spike in 2017 when she reached the US Open final but then lost to compatriot Sloane Stephens.

Since then, she struggled to regain her momentum and fell down in the rankings.

But today speaking of late 2022, Madison sits comfortably in the Top 10 and produces a top-class level of tennis.

People often watch Madison play with a Wilson racquet, but what does she really use?

Madison Keys plays with a Wilson H19 pro stock racquet painted to look like a new Wilson Blade.

Wilson H19 pro stock
Wilson H19 pro stock

Madison Keys Racquet Specs

The current pros who use the Wilson H19 are Gael Monfils and Madison Keys.

It is a pro stock model accessible only to players who have signed a contract with Wilson.

The Wilson H19 is a solid frame strongly built and easily one of the most powerful racquets along with the H22.

It requires no effort to generate pace and depth. The holdback is probably the lack of control, which requires putting lots of spin in the shots.

The frame pattern is 18×20 which is good for players who like to paint the lines with winners. It conjugates with Madison’s aggressive and precise style of play.

However, you can notice that she takes risks with her shots, which is why she lost many important matches.

The H19 is also stable and provides a good feel on the volleys and the tweeners.

We don’t know the exact specs of Madison Keys, so here are the general specs of a pro-stock Wilson H19.

Head size98 sq in
Unstrung weight11.6oz / 330gr
String pattern18×20

We doubt if Madison would go to more than 350gr in strung weight because that is demanding for a WTA pro.

Pro stock models have different weights depending on each player’s requirements.

Madison Keys Racquet Strings

Madison Keys strings her racquet with the Luxilon Alu Power 1.25.

alu power 125

This string is a famous one on the Tour with top WTA players like Raducanu, Jabeur, Badosa, Svitolina, and Halep using it for the power and feel it provides.

The co-poly string offers power, spin, and control.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what tension she plays with.

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