Paula Badosa Racquet – What Does She Use?

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The Spaniard Paula Badosa is a rising tennis talent who has been in a consistent uptrend in the last months. She has been amassing big wins over top female players winning titles on the road.

In 2022, she integrated the Top 10 and reached a career-high ranking of world no.2

Paula’s playstyle is based on powerful groundstrokes from the baseline and an effective serve.

Paula Badosa endorses the Wilson Blade 98 v8 but actually plays with a Wilson Steam 100 pro stock racquet.

Wilson Steam 100 pro stock
Wilson Steam 100 pro stock

Paula Badosa Racquet Specs

Badosa plays with the famous Wilson Steam 100 painted to look like the Wilson Blade 98 v8. It is a racquet used by many female players in the WTA like Svitolina, Ostapenko, Raducanu, Anisimova, and so on.

One way to recognize the model is to look at the bottom four grommets of Paula’s racquet; they are in white, which is like the Steam 100 frame.

The main feature of this racquet is the easy power it provides for the females. The 16×20 frame is stiff and offers great response and puts controlled power and spin on the ball.

In addition, the Steam 100 is also accurate and helps you find those difficult angles and near-the lines placements.

It is really a great combo of power and control and there is a reason why so many WTA use it.

The Wilson Steam racquets are in general stiff providing a firm response and more pace in the returns and the long rallies.

Overall, the Wilson Steam 100 used by Badosa is the ideal racquet for players looking for power and control.

Badosa Racquet Specs

Head Size100 in²
Lenght27.25 in / 69.2 cm
Unstrung weight10.5 oz / 299 gr
Balance12.5in / 31.7 cm
String pattern16 x 20

These are the specs of a Wilson 100 Steam pro stock model. However, there is no information on Paula’s customizations regarding the weight or the balance.

Paula Badosa Racquet Strings

According to the professional stringer Matt Crossby, Paula Badosa strings her racquet with a full bed of the Luxilon Alu Power Silver.

It is a famous setup for female players looking for massive power and great control.

Some of the players use a hybrid setup with natural gut to soften up the feel, but Badosa probably prefers a stiffer response.

In the photo below, Paula Badosa broke her main string and it is clearly a full bed of Alu Power Silver.

Badosa breaks her string


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