Simona Halep Racquet – What Does She Use?

Simona Halep is a big name in women’s tennis. The Romanian star is a former world no. 1 and a multiple Grand Slam winner.

Simona is also one of the few female players to stay consistent over the years and always play the late stages of the big tournaments.

On the court, Halep is fierce by sending powerful groundstrokes to her opponents. Simona has the ability to find impossible angles and to resist long rallies. In addition, she has superior mental toughness and can turn matches upside down on multiple occasions.

Everyone knows that she uses a Wilson racquet, but people ask for the exact model and its specs.

Simona Halep currently plays with the Wilson Steam 99 racquet, painted to look like a Wilson Blade 98 v8.

Wilson Steam 99
Wilson Steam 99

Simona Halep Racquet Specs

Simona Halep’s racquet has a 16×18 string pattern, which is different from the new Wilson Blades with either 16×19 or 18×20.

This helps get an easier spin on the ball.

The Wilson Steam 99 is famous for being powerful and accurate. The dense string bed helps pocket the ball nicely and play your shots precisely with a nice plush feel.

The Steam 99 is also great for serving difficult zones and is maneuverable when going to the net for volleys and pickups.

The 70-flex rating indicates a stiff and solid feel.

Overall, Simona’s Wilson Steam 99 is an excellent pick for intermediate to advanced players looking for more power and easy spin mixed with control and a solid plush feel.

Head size99 in²
Lenght27 in
Strung weight11.3oz
Balance2 pts HL

Simona Halep Racquet Strings

Simona Halep likes to string her racquet with the Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 1.25

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 1.25

This string is famous on the WTA Tour with top players like Raducanu, Jabeur, Badosa, and Svitolina using it for the power and feels it provides.

The 1.25 gauge helps for getting big power mixed with precision and control.

It also offers a superb feel despite being a co-poly string, which is handy for Halep’s top service and volley game and also her efficient groundstrokes.

Overall, the Alu Power 1.25 strings are perfect for raw power mixed with high accuracy and lots of feel. They also get you one of the best string maintenance on the Tour.

Can You Buy Simona Halep Gear?

Wilson stopped marketing the Wilson Steam racquets years ago. There is little to no chance to get your hands on a new Wilson Steam 99 unless you buy an old one on eBay.

As for Simona’s own racquet, it might be modified to her liking in terms of weight, flex, and balance. It is difficult to find it.

However, if you’re interested in the look of her racquet, you can get the Wilson Blade 98 v8 which has the same cosmetics as hers.

Wilson Blade 98 v8 16×19

As for the strings, the Luxlion Alu Power 1.25 are available in all tennis stores.

Wilson Blade 98 v8 16×19See Price
Luxilon Alu Power 1.25See Price

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