Jiri Lehecka Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Lehecka has been the sensation of the Australian Open 2023 by reaching the quarter-finals and defeating big players on his way.

People who watch him often compare him to his compatriot Tomas Berdych as he produces a similar style to him.

He still fights for his first title on the Tour but he already entered the Top 50, so I think it is a matter of time before he starts raffling titles.

Jiri Lehecka plays with a Wilson Six One 95 18×20 racquet painted to look like a new Wilson Blade.

 Wilson Six One 95 18x20
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Lehecka Racquet Specs

This frame is made for big hitters who want to attack using fast and flat shots with high precision and pace.

It is also perfect for big servers and players who want to finish quickly at the net thanks to the feel and touch that it provides.

You can find Reilly Opelka for example using this racquet but with the 16×18 pattern.

We can say the Wilson Six One 95 18×20 is a great racquet for power, control, and feel. It delivers a heavy ball with plenty of accuracy with the small 95 sq in. head, and the closed string pattern consisting of 18×20.

On the flip side, this racquet requires skill and strength to hit the sweet spot and counterpunch the balls. It is stable but hardly maneuverable, but most importantly, not forgiving as the slightest off-center shot could result in a mishit.

In addition, spin is hard to get for players who want to hit topspin a lot.

For Jiri, he might be using the racquet in stock form as it’s already heavy (12.3oz) and has a high Swingweight (332), or he may be adding some weight somewhere on the head.

We don’t really know his exact specs so these are the standard specs of this racquet:

Head size95 sq in
Unstrung weight12.3oz / 349gr

Lehecka Racquet Strings

Unfortunately, there is no exact information about his string setup.

But I would make an educated guess that he uses Luxilon Alu Power strings by looking closely at his racquet.

Lehecka racquet strings (grey color)
Lehecka racquet strings (grey color)

It makes sense as it is a good string for control, power, and feel, in order to make fewer errors and have better consistency in the shots.

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