Reilly Opelka Racquet – Specs & Details

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Reilly is the tennis giant along with compatriot John Isner. He is the tallest ATP player and he is famous for having a devastating serve.

Opelka’s game is based on the power and accuracy of his first serve and the high kick of his second. However, unlike the others, he is good from baseline and can resist long rallies. Also, he has good variations like slices and drop shots, which tend to be effective.

Opelka has been successful so far. But, can he reach the Top 10 level of the ATP?

Reilly Opelka endorses the Wilson Pro Staff 97, but he actually plays with the old Wilson Six-One 95 16×18 racquet.

Wilson Six-One 95 16x18
Wilson Six-One 95 16×18

Reilly Opelka Racquet Specs

The racquet has one of the best feeling and responsiveness in the market still. The Wilson Six-One 95 is fantastic for feel and control.

Opelka can dial powerful groundstrokes with immaculate precision. The racquet helps tremendously with the serve placement, to hit the same spot repeatedly.

The 16×18 string pattern helps get more spin which is crucial for slices and the sliced serves.

The Six-One 95 is a heavy racquet with an average Swingweight, offering stability and power. However, It needs strong arms to hold that thing for a couple of hours.

Overall, this is a rock-solid choice of a racquet that pros still use to this day under a newer paint job. It performs superbly in the feel, precision, and control departments.

Opelka’s Specs

Head size95 sq. in
Length27 in
Unstrung weight12.2 oz / 345g
Unstrung Swingweight303
String pattern16×18

Reilly Opelka Racquet Strings

Opelka strings his racquet with a full bed of Luxilon Alu Power Feel 18 (1.20) at 45lbs (20.5kg).

Luxilon Alu Power Feel 18 (1.20)

The Alu Power Feel 1.20 provides power while ensuring perfect ball control. It brings a soft touch and feel to the shots, which is handy for aggressive servers and volleyers like Opelka.

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