Jan Lennard Struff Tennis Shoes – What Does He Wear?

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Jan Lennard Struff is a solid tennis player from Germany. He can beat top players on several occasions and win ATP tournaments.

His style is built on a powerful serve and heavy groundstrokes from the baseline. In addition, he uses many variations in his game like serving volleys and finishing at the net.

Jan Lennard Struff tennis shoes are the Diadora Speed Blushield Fly 4.

Diadora Speed Blushield fly 4 upper

Struff Shoe Specs

Diadora is famous for making comfortable and durable tennis shoes. Many models are easily sold like the Speed Blushield 5 or Torneo, because they are suitable for all kinds of players especially those who suffer from foot pain like plantar fasciitis, bunions, or ankle pain.

This model is updated with DNATTIVO insole for added comfort and moisture absorption.

  • The upper is crafted using D-Skin sock material, which provides a glove-like fit for superior comfort, support, and breathability. Additionally, the medial toe region is reinforced to protect the foot during slides on hardcourts.
  • The midsole has reinforced arch support for lateral stability. Fly technology strategically places cushioning under the ball of the foot, delivering a responsive and springy feel. For added comfort and moisture absorption, the insole is removable and made with DNATTIVO material, providing a plush cushioning experience.
  • The outsole is a Duratech 5000 rubber compound with a herringbone pattern, ensuring optimal traction and durability on all court surfaces.
Diadora Speed Blushield fly 4 outsole

Can You Buy Struff’s Shoes?

The Speed Blushield Fly 4 tennis shoes are a fairly new model from Diadora, which is available on many platforms. Here is a link with the possibility to find occasional discounts:

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