Jan Lennard Struff Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Jan Lennard Struff is currently the second-best German tennis player after his compatriot Zverev. He often makes deep runs in tournaments and can beat top players several times.

His game is based on a powerful serve and heavy groundstrokes from the baseline. In addition, he uses some variations in his game like serving volleys and finishing at the net.

Jan Lennard Struff plays with a pro stock racquet called the TGT333.1 painted to look like a new Head Extreme Tour racquet.

Struff Racquet Specs

Jan Lennard’s racquet is a pro stock model that offers lots of spin and power. The string pattern is 16×19 giving him plenty of spin.

The TGT333.1 has an average flex of 63, which is great for comfort but not the best in terms of stability. However, Struff’s actual racquet might be stiffer and heavier to give him better stability and power on the swing.

Racquet standard specs

Head Size100 sq in
Unstrung weight11.1oz / 315gr
String pattern16×19

Struff Racquet Strings

Jan Lennard changes his strings too often. He used to string his racquet with KB Proline, then switched to Signum pro plasma.

The last available information is him using Luxilon Alu Power strings at 25kg, which is consistent with the grey/blue color of the strings if we look at recent photos.

They are famous on the tour, especially for players using Wilson racquets, who look for spin, control, and improved feel on their shots.

Can You Buy Struff’s Gear?

The racquet is hard to find apart from websites selling pro stock models like prostocktennis.com or ebay.com.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fresh new retail racquet that offers the same look and playability, you can try the Head Extreme Tour to get massive spin and power.

The Alu Power strings are easily accessible.

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