Taylor Fritz Tennis Shoes – What Does He Use?

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Taylor Fritz’s name spread across the globe when he defeated Nadal in Indian Wells final to claim his maiden Masters 1000.

He is now the leader of a new generation of American male tennis players hungry for wins. The rising talents want to bring the former glory of the Sampras and Agassi era.

Taylor’s success in Indian Wells may be a catalyzer for future success in his career and a motivator for even greater titles like Grand Slams or Tour Finals. Fritz is now on the verge of breaking through the Top.

On the court, Taylor has a dominant serve and solid groundstrokes from both sides. He is also great for creating angles with his shots.

Fritz has decent footwork and moves fast thanks to a combination of athleticism and a good choice of shoes.

Taylor Fritz currently plays with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro tennis shoes.

Taylor Fritz Tennis Shoes Specs

This Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro is widely used across ATP and WTA players. It offers lots of agility and speed, especially for players who love hard courts.

This is the choice of lots of quick players like Andrey Rublev or Nick Kyrgios.

The shoe is relatively lightweight with 12.9 ounces for a 10.5 men’s size. This low weight helps for having better agility without sacrificing the stability too much.

The main features of the Vapor Pro are presented below.

  • The shoe provides great traction, necessary for a quick change of direction and improvisation.
  • The Vapor Pro wraps the feet very well, not leaving room for internal foot movements.
  • The toe guard is very good at protecting the toes when sliding.
  • The upper is durable and breathable with an added second layer of solid mesh. It is resistant to abrasion made by friction against cement or clay.
  • The midsole is an Air Zoom unit offering a responsive and shock-absorbent foam under the heels. The shoe is also filled with plenty of cushioning and an extended stiff lateral frame for torsional stability.
  • The outsole offers an optimal level of traction allowing easier sliding on all courts.

The downside of the Vapor Pro is the low durability and poorer finishing of the materials. Many people enjoyed more the previous version (Nike Vapor X) and said it lasted way longer than the current ones.

Overall, this is a great pair of shoes for any tennis player looking for speed, agility, and adequate sliding, particularly on hard courts.

Are Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro Shoes Reliable?

Nike is famous for making high-quality tennis shoes from the mighty Courtballistec 4.3 to the great Air Zoom Cage 3.

However, Taylor Fritz seemed to have some issues with his Vapor Pro shoes during his Australian Open 2021 Round 3 match against Djokovic.

For those who have seen the match, it looked like the sole came apart.

Taylor’s physiotherapist had to fix his shoes with super glue and it was all televised.

This incident should raise a concern about quality control inside the big sports manufacturers, especially when it comes to products destined for pros playing in front of millions of spectators.


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