What Is Denis Shapovalov Tennis Gear?

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Canadian tennis is emerging to the very top with future Superstar Denis Shapovalov and his fellow citizen Felix Auger-Aliassime.

Shapovalov is a serious contender for bigger titles in the future. With his young age, he still has a margin of improvement to break through mental barriers and compete in Grand Slams and Masters.

Denis’s style is based on attacking with high-risk shots. His signature shot is the one-handed backhand especially when he jumps on it adding more explosion and channeling his anger. He surely is a tennis star.

He already has collected more than $9 million in prize money. So, what equipment does Denis Shapovalov use to produce his sensational level of tennis?

What is Denis Shapovalov’s Racquet?

Denis Shapovalov plays with the new Yonex EZONE 98 2022.

Yonex EZONE 98 2022

This is the 7th generation of one of the most spin-friendly Yonex racquets. It is designed for slightly advanced players or professionals, to provide comfort and controllable power.

Just like any Yonex, the ISOMETRIC design increases the sweet spot of the racquet by 7%, giving better control.

In addition, the racquet features a Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM), which is wrapped around graphite to provide more stability.

The shaft of the EZONE 98 comes with a rounded shape to offer better flex and more spin and directional control. The variations and the angles are easier to find with this racquet.

Overall, this racquet is one of the best when it comes to spin, feel and control.

Racquet Specs

Head size98 in² / 632.26 cm²
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight10.8oz / 305g
Strung weight11.4oz / 323g
String Tension45-60 lbs
Balance6 pts HL
Swing speedFast
Power LevelLow
Strings Pattern16×19

Denis Shapovalov’s Racquet Strings

Shapovalov likes to string his racquet with the Yonex Poly Tour Strike 1.25mm/16L at 52 lbs.

Yonex Poly Tour Strike Tennis String Black with a 1.25mm/16L gauge

It is a co-poly monofilament destined for players with big swings, who want to generate big power with minimal drop.

The strings won’t lose tension and are durable, thanks to the production under controlled temperatures using high molecular weight. This ensures that the lifespan of the strings is longer.

Denis Shapovalov’s Tennis Shoes?

Denis Shapovalov still plays with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro tennis shoes as of the end of 2023.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro

It is one of the best tennis shoes for speed and agility.

The Vapor Pro is designed for quick players like Denis Shapovalov. The tennis shoe is lightweight and helps with rebounds and accurate sliding. Fast players like Andrey Rublev use it.

  • The shoe provides brilliant traction, necessary for a quicker change of direction.
  • The Vapor Pro wraps the feet comfortably, not leaving room for inside movements. The toe guard is very efficient at giving the toes enough protection when sliding.
  • The upper is durable and breathable with an added second layer of solid mesh. It fits well and wraps the feet perfectly.
  • The midsole contains the Air Zoom unite technology inside a responsive and absorbent foam under the heels. The shoe is also filled with plenty of cushioning and an extended lateral frame for added stability.
  • The outsole is designed to give the modern style players an optimal level of traction allowing them to easily slide on hard courts.

Overall, this is a perfect choice for players who are quick and agile, and it performs superbly on hard courts offering adequate traction and easy sliding.

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