Best Men’s Tennis Shoes in 2023 – With Ratings

Finding the right tennis shoe is an overwhelming task when you don’t have much knowledge and expertise. There are many brands offering dozens of models with different prices, colors. In short, it can be a nightmare to choose a tennis shoe to get started in the game with the current market offer.

While many players have an aspect of brand loyalty with a preference for their favorite colors, there are other important aspects to consider when you pick a specific shoe. For example, your foot type, the surface you play on, and your budget.

This is why you need a curated list of the best men’s tennis shoes of this year to simply compare their looks and performances, and buy the one.

We have done a lot of research and we have tested some of the models ourselves, to come up with the best shoes. Each one is the best in a specific compartment.

Finally, we finish off with a list of the best shoes to wear on all court surfaces, which is probably what most recreational players want.

What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting a Tennis Shoe?

What makes a tennis shoe adequate to play the game is a combination of these elements:

  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Good grip
  • Durability

Another factor to consider is the budget. Frequent players need to change their shoes every 2 or 3 months, so they look for great but affordable footwear. For recreational players, durability and versatility are the important aspects to consider.

There have been newer shoe models the last few years some of them are an upgrade of the previous versions. However, some tennis shoes stand the test of time and are still excellent even years after their release.

The best tennis shoes are the ones offering stability and good grip on the court, with cushioning and breathability to make it comfortable, agile, and quick at the same time.

Asics are doing superbly in the recent years with an armada of different models to suit all kinds of tennis players. They can be somewhat pricy like the Court FF, but the technology and the feeling are on a different level alongside the Gel Resolution and the Solution Speed.

Best Tennis Shoe Overall

Asics Court FF2

Asics court ff2
Rating (9.1/10)

Players: Novak Djokovic

They are the shoes of Novak Djokovic and they combine every aspect of what a tennis shoe needs.

They are great on clay and outstanding on hard. Also, They can play fabulously on the grass.

The shoes feel heavy and stable on the court, so they are destined for more advanced players.

The fit is perfect with the mono-sock liner and the size correct. There is no need to order half a size more.

The shoe is a realm of plush providing plenty of cushioning for every foot part. They are very comfortable for baseliners.

There is ample room in the toe box for smooth painless movements.

The shoe is simply smashing it in every compartment making it easy to pick as the best all-rounder tennis shoe.


  • Thin strings, which do tend to cut in the eyelets
  • Plastic upper, some find it not breathable enough
  • Higher price

“I want the same thing I’ve wanted since I was 7 years old. I want to be World Number 1.” Novak Djokovic.

Best Tennis Shoe for Speed

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro

Nike Air zoom vapor pro
Rating (8.9/10)

A lot of fast players on the ATP Tour wear this model for what it gives in terms of agility and responsiveness.

This shoe is designed for speed. It is on the lightweight side with an average of 12.9 ounces for a 10.5 size.

The shoe provides brilliant traction, necessary for a quicker change of direction.

The Vapor Pro wraps the feet comfortably, not leaving room for inside movements. The toe guard is very efficient at giving the toes enough protection when sliding.

A fast player who plays with a serve & volley style needs to slide often and move vertically, which is why comes the Vapor Pro with great fit, agility, and grip while still being impressively comfortable.

This shoe is also one of the best for hardcourt sliding.


  • Very quick
  • Supports vertical and lateral movements
  • Solid grip on the ground
  • Great for sliding in hard courts


  • A lack of support in the arch
  • Not the most comfortable tennis shoe
  • Not very durable

Best Tennis Shoe for Wide Feet

Diadora Blushield Torneo

Rating (8.9/10)

This pair of tennis shoes is comfortable and stable with its heavy 15.3oz for a 10.5 men’s size.

Most players who are used to Diadora tennis shoes stick with the brand.

This model is the iteration of the Blushield 5 AG, which was a total success praised among players particularly those suffering from foot pain in general.

These shoes allow you to move around the court with total confidence, knowing that your ankles and toes are fully supported during the shocks, on all surfaces. You can feel the sensation of your ankles and toes being wrapped in a thick plush layer.

It is easier to break in than the previous version. And soon enough it becomes stable, comfortable, and easy to fit in with a sock-like feel.

An outsole base shank adds lots of lateral stability and prevents bad foot movements.

One impressive point is the durability of the shoes. They stand the test of hard courts. The Duratech 5000 rubber sole stays untouchable by a mile.

Overall, the Diadora Speed Blushield Torneo shoes are a suitable option for players with wide feet, as they provide high stability and comfort on all courts.


  • Highly comfortable with good padding
  • Stable securing your feet
  • Wide toe box offering plenty of room
  • Supportive and no orthotic needed
  • Padded tongue and ankle guard
  • No break-in required


  • Not a breathable upper

Best Lightweight Tennis Shoe

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4
Rating (8.8/10)

This shoe is much lighter than other models like Court jams or sole court boost. This makes it incredibly fast almost like a Nike Vapor.

Sliding in your feet is so smooth and they fit perfectly with total comfort.

Stiff support around the ankles makes them stable and prevents the foot from twisting, which is amazing.

The midsole is supportive and responsive.

The downside of this shoe is that it’s not that durable compared with other brands or models. So if you don’t want to sacrifice durability for lightweight and speed, stay away from this one.


  • Super light and fast on the court
  • Great heel and ankle support
  • Flexible and breathable upper
  • Great for sliding in hard courts


  • Not durable
  • Many people had their toe guard break after a few weeks
  • Needs days of break-in time to become comfortable

Best for Durability & Comfort

Asics Gel Resolution 8

Rating (9.0/10)

If you are looking for a durable and comfortable shoe, this is what you need.

The Gel Resolution 8 is regarded by many players and reviewers as one of the top 3 best tennis shoes.

The fit inside the Gel Resolution 8 is so smooth. Your feet are locked in their place thanks to the Dynawrap lacing system. Asics has lowered the heel counter to welcome more of your foot inside the shoe. No heel slippage or hot spots were noticed on the inside.

For people overpronating and suffering from bunions or jams, these shoes won’t hurt your feet at all. Instead, they offer plenty of cushioning matched with the GEL midsole support.

One major impressive point is the durability of the shoes. They stand the test of hard courts. You can go full tilt on indoors and outdoors hard courts with these beasts and the Duratech 5000 rubber sole stays untouchable by a mile.

The shoe is also stable on the court and produces impressive traction performance on all courts surfaces.


  • Great cushioning and support for all kind of foot styles
  • The shoe fits well and the feet are sealed with comfort
  • Durable outsole with a 6-month guarantee


  • Usually half a size bigger fits better
  • Require considerable break-in time

Best for Stability

Adidas Barricade

Rating (9.0/10)

The newer Adidas Barricade shoes are one of the most stable and comfortable on the market, with players like Thiem, Tsitsipas, Auger-Alliassime, and many other pros using them.

The upper is flexible and comes with a new system that helps the tongue mold the shape of your feet.

BOUNCE lightweight cushioning technology in the midsole delivers comfort, shock absorption, and good energy return.

Most importantly, the midfoot is equipped with a TPU shank that keeps every step comfortable and stable and gives you torsional stability and prevention from foot injuries.

Overall, the Barricade is a no-brainer for tennis players looking for overall stability, security, comfort, and performance.


  • Lateral and overall stability
  • Uppermost support under the arch and the forefoot
  • Good energy return
  • Comfortable and nice for foot pain relief
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • Tight forefoot
  • Contrasted opinions about the durability of this shoe

Best for Narrow Feet

Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 4

Rating (8.9/10)

Yonex has improved the Power Cushion Eclipsion for more comfort and stability.

This model runs narrow and it is perfect for people who have narrow feet to avoid undesired movements and to have a perfect fit.

The PCE 4 are low to the ground. Also, a graphite plate is located all the way under the midfoot, for increased stability and support.

Here are the other features of these tennis shoes.

The upper is made from Double Russel Mesh that is lightweight (weight: 12.5oz) and very breathable, keeping moisture and heat away from the fabric.

  • The midsole contains Power Cushion+ technology in the Bounce Foam for supreme cushioning and comfort.
  • The outsole is one-piece Endurance rubber with a modified herringbone pattern providing a good level of traction and superb durability.
  • TPU stabilizer is on the heel counter for more stability when landing on the backfoot.

Overall, they are a solid pick if you’re looking for a shoe to accommodate your narrow feet with fantastic support, top-notch comfort and high level of performance.


  • Flat insole with low ground clearance
  • Awesome design with flexible and breathable PU upper
  • Available in a selection of colors ranging from gray and white to black
  • Versatile outsole
  • Good stability and nice grip


  • Runs narrow
  • Lack of support compared to the Eclipsion 3

Best for High Arch

If you have a high arch, you want a tennis shoe coming with a high arch as well. In general, they contain a stiff part in the midfoot just above the midsole called the shank. It helps support your high arch by distributing evenly the pressure on the bottom of your foot.

These are the best shoes to pick for high arches.

  • Diadora Blueshield 5
  • KSwiss Ultrashot 3
  • Babolat Jet Mach III
  • New Balance Lav V2

Best for Flat Feet

People with flat feet or low arch have to adapt their tennis shoes to their foot shape. Shoes with little to medium arch can be used. Ideally, they need a flat sole with great cushioning and underfoot support.

Here is an article about the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

The tennis shoes below are considered to be the most suitable for flat feet players.

  • Asics Gel Resolution 8
  • Diadora Blueshield 5
  • Adidas SoleCourt Boost
  • Yonex Eclipsion 3
  • Asics Court FF2

Last Words

The shoe selections presented in this article are the outcome of extensive research and testing performed by our editorial team. We have collected numerous opinions on various models to create a valuable resource for male tennis players, particularly beginners aiming to advance their game.

Please bear in mind that the ratings provided were determined by our editorial team.

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