Cameron Norrie Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Cameron is the British tennis prince after the downfall of Andy Murray. He hasn’t been on the façade until 2020 when he entered the Top 50 after several good results.

But in 2021, Norrie showed his true potential by winning a Masters 1000 title in Indian Wells and breaking through the Top 10 in the rankings.

On the court, he has an unorthodox style with a short swing backhand that is flat and deep, and a topspin forehand using the angles of the court efficiently. Norrie is difficult to beat nowadays.

People ask what racquet and specs he uses.

Cameron Norrie endorses the Babolat Pure Strike racquet but actually plays with the Babolat Pure Control Tour racquet.

Babolat Pure Control Tour

Cameron Norrie Racquet Specs

He uses a Babolat Pure Control Tour painted to look like a Babolat Pure Strike like Thiem’s.

The way to distinguish is to look at the string pattern. He uses a 16×20 bed different than the 18×20 or the 16×19 you’d find in a retail Pure Strike.

This pattern helps get more spin on the groundstrokes but more control, especially on the serves where the mains are essentially used.

Apparently, Norrie likes his racquet to have more static weight but a low Swingweight. Maybe he is looking for more maneuverability and ease on the swing but with overall great stability.

Norrie’s Unstrung Racquet Specs

Head Size98 sq. in.
Length27 in. / 68.6 cm.
Unstrung weight11.5 oz. / 327 gr.
String pattern16×20

Cameron Norrie Racquet Strings

According to multiple sources found online, Cameron strings his racquet with a full bed of Luxilon Alu Power 1.25.

Alu Power 1.25

It is a popular choice among pros who like more control and feel to their game.

The co-poly is a durable option that is also soft and arm-friendly. In addition, you get awesome feedback from the shots.

Players like Khachanov, Korda, Goffin, Cilic, Sonego, and many more use the Alu Power 1.25 in their racquets.

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