Dominic Thiem Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Dominic Thiem is known to be the clay prince after Nadal’s retirement. He is undoubtedly one of the best players of the last few years.

Dominic has always been a threat to the top players proving to be a serious contender in each tournament he enters.

Thiem has brilliant h2h records against the Big 3:

  • Leads Federer by 5-2
  • Trails to Nadal by 6-9
  • Trails Djokovic by 5-7

That means he has 16 wins in 34 matches against the three legends.

In addition, he is one of the few players to win a Grand Slam in the Big 3 era alongside Murray, Wawrinka, Del Potro, Cilic, and Medvedev.

On the court, Thiem is notorious for blasting forehands and backhands with insane pace, depth, and spin. Moreover, he is consistent and has an effective kick serve.

People often ask what racquet he uses and what are his specs.

Dominic Thiem plays with the Babolat Pure Strike racquet customized to his desired specs.

Babolat Pure Strike 3rd gen

Dominic Thiem Racquet Specs

Power and laser targeting. This is the ultimate racquet for intermediate and advanced competitors.

Dominic plays with one of the best sticks regarding power, precision, and feel.

The Pure Strike is a little bit elongated providing a high Swingweight and the ability to hit balls with heavy topspin.

The materials incorporated in the 3rd generation frame including C² Pure Feel technology, offer a softer response.

Moreover, Babolat includes FSI Power and disposes of the strings in an 18×20 pattern giving players easy power and spin and great ball pocketing.

The frame is also forgiving so that when you hit off the sweet spot, you still execute solid shots.

As for the specs of Dominic Thiem, Babolat has published on social media an image with all the unstrung racquet specs.

So, his strung specs would be close to:

  • 337gr in weight
  • 335 in Swingweight
  • 32.6cm in balance.
Head size98 in²
Length27.5 in
Strung Weight12.34oz / 350gr


  • Power and control
  • Efficient heavy topspin and flat shots
  • Effortless swing
  • Stability


  • Challenging maneuverability
  • Needs lots of skill and adjustments to hit good volleys

Dominic Thiem’s Old Racquets

Thiem used to play in his junior days with the Wilson Six One 95 racquet which is a low-powered and control-oriented racquet.

Then he used the Head Prestige MP, which is also a control-oriented frame.

In 2014, he decided to move to the first version of the Babolat Pure Strike, another control racquet with a little more power and spin potential.

Since then, he has been the poster boy of the racquet line after the release of the new white and black look.

Thiem Pure Strike

Dominic Thiem’s Opinion On the Pure Strike

Since Babolat introduced the third generation of the Pure Strike racquet, Dominic Thiem was asked to give his opinion on the new look and feel of the racquet.

Since I took it, I had an incredible feeling straight away on the court. Everything was working, all the strokes were working and I didn’t lose any feeling at the volley or at the slice.

Dominic also adds:

It feels very stable on my hands. Very good control but still a lot of power so it’s perfect.

Thiem was also happy to decide on some aspects of the new racquet design in a Babolat factory in Lyon.

It indicates a lot of respect for the Austrian player and admiration for what he’s accomplished in his career so far.

Dominic Thiem Racquet Strings

Dominic Thiem currently strings his racquet with the Babolat RPM Power 17/1.25 strings. His tension is 55lbs / 25kg.

RPM Power

He has switched his strings a lot over the last few years and he recently moved from the Babolat RPM Rough + natural gut.

The RPM Power strings offer more pop to the shots unlike the dead feel of the RPM Blast.

Ball pocketing is also sweet especially if you play with lower tensions for more control.

They are also arm-friendly and help generate more pace and spin effortlessly thanks to the CO-PET-C extrusion technology.

In addition, this co-poly provides above-average comfort that is very close to the natural gut.

Overall, Thiem must admire the quality of the Babolat RPM Power allowing him to play comfortably with a great feel and effortless power.

Can You Buy Dominic Thiem Gear?

The exact racquet of Thiem is a pro stock customized to his desired specs, so it is difficult to get your hands on one.

However, you can have a retail version of the Pure Strike 18×20 in most tennis stores. It is going to be a little less heavy (11.4oz / 323g strung) but the sensations and the technology are pretty much the same.

As for the strings, they are available as well.

Babolat Pure Strike 18×20 racquetCHECK PRICE
RPM Power strings CHECK PRICE


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