Sebastian Korda’s Tennis Gear – What Does He Use?

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Son of Grand Slam champion Petr Korda, he is the heir to his father’s throne. But the son is playing for the American flag and not for the Czech Republic.

He has made his ATP debut in 2018 and has since been improving in every tournament. Looking up to idol Rafa Nadal, he has the will and the resources to be one of the best American players of the upcoming years.

He won his only ATP250 title in 2021 at the Emilia-Romagna Open. Can Sebastian improve to win more titles and climb to the Top 10?

On the court, Sebastian Korda uses this gear:

  • Racquet: Wilson H22 18×20 (Wilson Blade 98 v8 for the paintjob)
  • Strings: Luxilon Alu Power in crosses and Wilson Natural Gut in mains
  • Shoes: Adidas Barricade
  • Bag: Wilson Super Tour 15 Pack

Sebastian Korda’s Racquet

Sebastian Korda plays with the Wilson H22 18×20, which is a pro stock racquet. It is painted to look like the new Wilson Blade 98 v8 18×20 racquet.

Korda's Wilson H22

The Wilson H22 is heavier and has more swing weight than the Wilson Blade 98 v8 used for the paint job.

It is a popular model endorsed by many advanced and pro tennis players, who can afford racquets for more than $300-$400.

The racquet is flexible on the throat area and stiff on the head.

The 18×20 strings bed ensures more control of the shots and a bigger sweet spot.

This is a great all-around racquet to do it all. It plays well in the power and precision department but is generous in terms of spin potential and control of the shots.

The low stiffness score along with the high strung weight indicates a good balance between smashing power and a plush feel.

Sebastian Korda’s Wilson H22 Specs

Head size98 in² / 632.26 cm²
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight10.8oz / 305g
Strung weight12.1oz / 342g
String Tension45-60 lbs
Balance12.44in / 31.6cm
Strings Pattern18×20

Can You Buy Korda’s Wilson H22 Racquet?

It is a pro-stock racquet, which means customized and not available for retail. If you are lucky, you may find some offers for used pro stock racquets on a website like But in general, it is quite hard to get your hands on one.

As for the Wilson Blade 98 v8 18×20 used as the paint job, you can find it on all physical and online tennis stores.

What Strings Does Korda He use?

Sebastian Korda strings his racquet with Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 16L/1.25 in the mains and Wilson Natural gut 16/1.30 in the crosses.


This combination is famous among Wilson racquets users.

The Luxilon Alu Power strings offer power and massive speed. The 16L gauge also helps with topspin creation and good control of the shots.

Wilson uses high-quality beef serosa to produce comfortable Natural Gut strings. They provide the best feel and comfort along with great tension maintenance.

Overall, this string bed is a great mix of power and feel for a balanced game.

Sebastian Korda’s Tennis Shoes?

Sebastian Korda plays with the Adidas Barricade.


They are one of the most stable and comfortable Adidas tennis shoes.

  • The upper is made from 50% high-performance recycled materials called Primegreen. It is flexible and comes with a controversial new lacing system that helps the tongue to mold the shape of your feet.
  • The midsole of the shoe comes with BOUNCE lightweight cushioning, for comfort and great shock absorption.
  • A TPU midfoot shank keeps every step comfortable and stable, and gives you torsional stability and prevention from foot injuries.
  • The outsole is crafted from Adiwear rubber compound for durability and great traction. A modified herringbone pattern helps to resist the abrasion and to facilitate the sliding on hard courts, which is the standard nowadays.

Overall, Sebastian’s shoes are still a good option, especially for players with wider feet. They are great for stability and comfort and a bit lighter (14.2oz) than the previous Barricades. 

Sebastian Korda’s Tennis Bag?

Korda’s tennis bag is the Wilson Super Tour 15 Pack.


This is a popular choice of pro players using Wilson equipment. The main features of this bag are:

  • Three racquet compartments with a capacity of 15 racquets
  • Thermogard lining technology to protect the items against high temperatures
  • Ventilated inside pocket for shoes and dirty gear
  • Two large side pockets for accessories and smaller items
  • Padded and adjustable straps and grab handles for versatility

Overall, this is a great bag for any tennis competitor and traveler, offering plenty of comfort and convenience along with good durability.

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