Belinda Bencic Racquet – Details & Specs

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Belinda Bencic is the future of Swiss tennis after the retirement of the maestro Roger Federer. She will carry the flag of her nation to hopefully a Grand Slam or Masters title.

2019 was a good season for her where she reached two Grand Slam semi-finals. She also has won 4 titles in singles.

Belinda has an all-around playing style with an aggressive aspect. She can stay in the baseline and dictates the exchange with deep and powerful strokes or use variations to finish the point on the net. Her serve is also consistent and reliable.

What racquet does she play with?

Belinda Bencic plays with the Yonex EZONE DR 100 racquet painted to look like a new EZONE 100 racquet.


Belinda Bencic Racquet Specs

She plays with the same racquet as Casper Ruud, but not the extended version.

Any Yonex racquet has the ISOMETRIC head shape that increases the sweet spot size for more forgiveness.

The DR 100 racquet offers high power and control, and feels stable and responsive.

Moreover, this frame offers an incredible feel and along with a crisp response. Also, it comes in a 16×19 pattern to provide easy amounts of spin.

It appears that Belinda doesn’t add weight to her frame and plays in stock form.

Compared to other Yonex racquets like the VCore 100 or the VCore 98, this one is less maneuverable and demands skill and strength that only a pro can bring. This is not a beginner-friendly racquet.

These are the Yonex EZONE DR 100 specs

Head Size100 sq in
Strung weight11.1oz / 315gr
String pattern16×19

Belinda Bencic Racquet Strings

Belinda Bencic strings her racquet with :

  • Polytour Pro 1.25 in the mains
  • Natural gut in the crosses

The tension she uses is 27 to 28 kg (59 to 61 lbs) depending on the conditions.

Bencic string setup
Bencic string setup

The Yonex Polytour Pro 1.25 are soft and offers good ball pocketing and control.

Whereas the natural gut strings bring more comfort and power to her game.

This is a prominent setup, which many pros use to adapt their racquets to their game and play with a mixture of power, control, and comfort.


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