Casper Ruud Racquet – What Does He Use? – Details & Specs

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Casper Ruud is the pride and hope of Norwegian tennis. At 23 years, he already has won 7 ATP titles and made a quarter-final appearance at Wimbledon 2021.

Since 2019, his career has gone uphill by entering the Top 100. And in 2021, he’s had his best year so far by winning 5 titles and breaking through the Top 10 in the rankings.

Today Casper is one of the most dangerous tennis players in the world and he has a particular preference for clay, where he produces his best tennis.

Personally, I believe that Casper Ruud has the ingredients to achieve more in his career, especially with a smashing forehand and great agility around the court.

If he can work more on his two-handed backhand, he’ll be more likely to be a complete tennis player.

Many fans now ask about the racquet setup of the Norwegian tennis star.

Casper Ruud plays with the Yonex EZONE DR 100 Plus racquet, and he endorses the Yonex EZONE 100 using its cosmetics for sponsoring purposes.

Yonex EZONE DR 100 Plus
Yonex EZONE DR 100 Plus

Casper Ruud Racquet Specs

Any Yonex racquet has the ISOMETRIC head shape that increases the sweet spot size for a more forgiving play style.

The DR 100+ racquet offers more power and plays stable and responsive thanks to the extended length. The swing is bigger and helps create high speed for deadlier groundstrokes.

Additionally, this frame offers an incredible feel and ball feedback along with a crisp response due to higher stiffness.

According to some sources, Casper adds around 0.52oz (15gr) of weight to his racquet for more power.

Overall, Ruud’s racquet has an extended length offering more Swingweight hence easy power with pace and depth. It is perfect for players looking for a forgiving sweet spot and great stability and feel.

The major holdback of this racquet is the lack of maneuverability compared to a standard-length racquet. The trade-off on the other hand is more effortless power.

These are the known racquet specs of Casper Ruud

Head Size100 in²
Strung weight11.2oz / 318gr
Balance3pts Head Light
Strings Pattern16×19

What Strings Does Casper Ruud Use?

Casper Ruud plays with a hybrid strings setup of:

  • Yonex Polytour Spin 1.25
  • Yonex Polytour Pro 1.30

Casper Ruud strings his racquet at 54 lbs.

Yonex Polytour Spin 1.25

The Yonex Polytour Spin 1.25 is a great co-poly with a pentagonal shape that puts more bite on the ball hence more spin. They are also a great choice for ball control.

The best thing about this string is the higher stiffness compared to the RPM Blast or the Luxilon Alu Power.

The impact feels crisp and alive and you get some great sensations playing with this one.

In addition, the tension maintenance of the Polytour Spin is Natural gut level. It lasts 3 to 4 times longer than most polys out there.

Yonex Polytour Pro 1.30

These strings complement the Polytour Spin by adding more power and a greater feel.

It is a soft-playing poly destined for aggressive baseliners looking for powerful and precise groundstrokes with the thick 1.30 gauge.

The volleys are strong and precise with the Polytour Pro 1.30.

Additionally, this poly is durable and holds the tension for a good time, but not quite as much as the Polytour Spin.

Overall, this setup is a great combo for a Casper Ruud who wants to have huge spin, good control, and a crisp feel for his aggressive baseline playstyle.

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