Alexander Bublik Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Bublik is one of the most entertaining players on a tennis court. He often comes as arrogant and playful instead of focused and disciplined. But that is a part of his game and the crowd loves him for that.

I also like to watch his matches, especially in form, with all the variations and the skills he brings on the court, just like Nick Kyrgios.

We can say that he is a successful tennis player, after all, winning an ATP title in Montpellier against Zverev and more than $4 million in prize money. But he will probably never win a Major title if he keeps the same attitude.

So what does Bublik use to produce his fun tennis?

Alexander Bublik currently plays with the Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 305 racquet.

Bublik’s Racquet Specs

The T-Fight ISO 305 is the racquet endorsed by Medvedev. Bublik has recently decided to switch from his Yonex DR 98 to the Tecnifibre frame.

This is a surprising and interesting choice at the same time. The Tecnifibre stick is different and should offer more control thanks to the closed 18×19 pattern as opposed to his old racquet.

The best thing about this new frame is the sensational accuracy and the ability to find the exact spots of the court everytime.

In addition, the T-Fight ISO 305 has a 2mm thinner beam, which adds more to the feel and control of the racquet.

The T-Fight is also low-powered as opposed to the Yonex, which is a modern racquet for controlled power.

Here are the specs.

Head size98 sq in
Unstrung Weight11.8oz / 305gr
Balance3 pts HL

Bublik’s Racquet Strings

Alexander Bublik strings his racquet with Tecnifibre Razor Code White strings.

His latest known racquet tension is between 22 and 24 kg (49-53 lbs), depending on the conditions.

They provide amazing feel, spin, and accuracy. The string maintenance is also top-notch.

Has he changed his strings?

At the beginning of 2022, he started using a hybrid setup by adding multifilament or natural gut white strings in the crosses, for more comfort and power. He then used Yonex Polytour Pro yellow strings.

Hybrid setup

But he went back later on to his full bed setup of the Polytour Pro 1.25. Maybe he felt he lacked control and desired more spin.

Polytour Pro setup

Now, he uses a full bed of Tecnifibre white string, which is the Razor Code (probably 1.25).

Current Setup


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