Where Are Tennis Racquets Made? [Full Stats]

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Like many other products in our everyday life, most tennis brands outsource the manufacturing of their racquets to other countries mainly in Asia.

The reasons why many companies outsource the production of tennis racquets to factories in countries like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, or Indonesia are as follows:

  • Low labor cost
  • The presence of expertise and specialized production processes
  • The existence of a well-established supply chain and a skilled workforce with experience in producing sports equipment
  • Outsourcing allows the brands to focus on core aspects like design, marketing, and sales

Here is the list of the main racquet brands and their manufacturing countries.

BrandOrigin countryManufacturing Countries
ArtengoFranceChina, Taiwan
BabolatFranceChina, France
DunlopIreland/JapanJapan, Taiwan, China, UK
GammaUSAChina, Taiwan
HeadAustria/USAChina, Czech Republic, Austria, Tunisia
LacosteFranceChina, Taiwan
PrinceUSAChina, Vietnam, USA
ProKennexTaiwanTaiwan, China
TecnifibreFranceChina, Taiwan, France
VolklGermanyChina, Germany
WilsonUSAChina, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam

Which Tennis Brands Manufacture Their Racquets in the Country of Origin?

Not many. Some brands make a few racquets either for tests or for retail. But these racquets remain a tiny percentage of the whole production, sometimes close to 99%.

The companies that manufacture some of their racquets in their country of origin are:

Babolat factory, Lyon

Babolat – France

Babolat’s top-end racquets, including the Pure Aero and Pure Drive lines, are made in their factory in Lyon, France

Tecnifibre – France

Tecnifibre’s high-end racquets, including the TFight and TFlash lines, are made in France.

Yonex – Japan

Yonex is the only tennis brand that manufactures 100% of its racquets in its origin country, Japan.

Dunlop – UK

Dunlop has a manufacturing facility in the UK where they produce some of their high-end racquets, including the CX and Srixon lines.

Prince – USA

Prince has a facility in Bordentown, New Jersey, where they make some of their top-notch racquets like the Textreme and Phantom lines

Volkl – Germany

Volkl produces their high-end V-Feel and V-Sense racquet lines, in their factory in Germany.

ProKennex – Taiwan

ProKennex is a Taiwanese tennis brand that produces most of its racquets, including its high-end Kinetic line, in its factory in Taiwan.

Are There Any Significant Differences in the Quality of Tennis Racquets Made in Different Countries?

Racquets made in the brand’s origin countries like the US, Austria, Germany, France, or Japan tend to be of higher quality in terms of technology, materials, and quality control, and also more expensive.

The reason is that these countries have a long history of making high-quality racquets and they have developed expertise in this field. Also, they still lead the research and innovation in the racquet industry.

For example, Yonex racquets are reputed to respect quality standards the most like having very accurate specs (weight, balance…) and being durable.

On the other hand, racquets manufactured in Asian countries like China, Taiwan, or Vietnam are destined for mass production for mainly lower-tier or intermediate models.

Their racquets are good, but they lack quality control and there can be problems with the specs, materials, or durability of the frames.

An important thing to know is that this gap between the two racquet powerhouses is shrinking and the quality of “outsourced racquets” is good and acceptable for all types of players.

To sum it up, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to where your racquet was made as long as it’s an authentic one and not a knockoff version.


There are estimates that 80 to 90% of all the tennis racquets in the world are made in China alone so relax, most players use them!

Where Do The Famous Tennis Brands Make Their Racquets?

Head factory, Austria

Where Are Head Tennis Racquets Made?

According to HEAD’s official website, some of their tennis racquets are manufactured in China, while others are made in the Czech Republic, Austria, or Tunisia. The country of origin can vary depending on the specific model of the racquet.

Where Are Babolat Tennis Racquets Made?

Babolat operates a state-of-the-art factory located in China that produces tennis racquets.

Their French-made racquets are the Pure Aero and Pure Drive lines series and they are manufactured in a factory located in Lyon.

Where Are Wilson Tennis Racquets Made?

Wilson tennis racquets are made in different sites around the world, including China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Some of Wilson’s premium racquets, such as the Pro Staff and Blade series, are manufactured in China, while some of their lower-priced racquets are made in other countries.

Where Are Yonex Tennis Racquets Made?

Yonex racquets are primarily made in Japan, where the company is headquartered.

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