How to Choose a Junior Tennis Racquet for Kids?

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Shopping for adult racquets is easy since most of the market is destined for standard racquets generally around 27in in length.

But choosing the right junior tennis racquet is important for kids who are just starting to play. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a junior tennis racket for kids.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to selecting a racquet for your kid who wants to play tennis.

Size Of the Racquet

The most important aspect of a junior racquet is the size of the racquet. So you want to find out both:

  • Length of the racquet
  • Grip size

Racquet Length

There is a thing called progressive tennis that teaches coaches how to train kids depending on their age. One thing they change progressively is the racquet length.

Here is a table to pick the perfect racquet length for your child.


AgeRacquet length
2-3 years17in
3-4 years19in
4-6 years21in
8-10 years25in
10-11 years26in
11+ years27in or more

Of course, not all the kids have the same height or strength, but this is the average so that you have a starting point.

Ideally, you can have your kid play with the racquet to test it, based on the length table above.

Alternatively, your kid can pick up a longer racquet as long as he’s comfortable with it for a faster progression.

Grip Size

We have a detailed article about how to play tennis for beginners, which includes how to choose the racquet grip size.

But here is a quick guide:

1. Measure the distance from the middle of your kid’s palm to the tip of his/her ring finger in inches.

How to Find Your Tennis Racquet Grip Size – Pro Tennis Tips

2. Refer to the universal chart below to choose the correct size.

MeasurementUS grip sizeEuropean grip Size
4 1/8”4-1/81
4 1/4”4-1/42
4 3/8”4-3/83
4 1/2”4-1/24
4 5/8”4-5/85
4 3/4”4-3/46

If you measure somewhere in between two sizes, go for the lower grip size to allow for an additional overgrip.

Head Size

different racquet sizes

The head size of a junior racquet generally increases with age. The lower the age the lower the head size so that it remains proportional to his body.

The brands also offer different head sizes within the same racquet length.

Don’t bother much with the head size. The most important thing for a junior racquet is the length.

Also, we recommend that your child picks up the racquet to see if it’s convenient.

Weight Of the Racquet

Most junior tennis racquets weigh between 8.5oz (240gr) and 8.8oz (250gr). This is an ideal weight to provide stability in the hands of your kid and to help him get easy power.

Once the child is 9 or 10 years old, he can play with a 9.9oz (280gr) racquet or more, to become familiar with the standard weights. This will help him get more power and be oriented into performance and competitive tennis, instead of recreational tennis.

How to Transition to an Adult Racquet?

There is no exact time when your kid should start to play with an adult frame. Most of the time, it’s around 10 or 11 years, where he should pick a lightweight frame that you can find from most brands.

Wilson calls them UL (ultra-lightweight) while Babolat calls them Team and Head calls them Team L (Team light).

These frames suit kids and also recreational adult players who want easy swinging and maneuverability.

Can Adults Use Junior Racquets?

Junior racquets should only be used by kids below 10 years because the frames are shorter, thinner, and lightweight. Adults need to have a standard-length racquet, which is 27 inches in length, and also a big grip size.

However, some senior or female players can take advantage of a lightweight frame (265gr or 280gr) designed for juniors, to swing comfortably with no risk of injuries.

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