How Much Do Tennis Racquets Cost?

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The racquet is the first piece of equipment that you need to play tennis.

Before you decide which racquet you should take and whether you go for an expensive one or a specific model, let’s have a look at the updated prices of tennis racquets in 2023.

Retail tennis racquets cost an average of $227.1 in 2023. You can find new retail racquets as low as $120 and as high as $300.

Racquet Market Price in USD

Here is what the market price for tennis racquets looks like in 2023.

BrandModelPrice (USD)
ArtengoTr930 spin120
BabolatPure Aero259
BabolatPure Aero 98279
BabolatPure Aero Lite219
BabolatPure Aero Team239
BabolatPure Aero Rafa229
BabolatPure Strike229
BabolatPure Strike VS279
BabolatPure Strike Team219
BabolatPure Strike Tour239
BabolatPure Drive249
BabolatPure Drive Tour259
BabolatPure Drive Lite219
BabolatPure Drive Plus249
BabolatPure Drive Team229
DunlopFX line199
DunlopSX line229
DunlopCX line249
DunlopLX line299
GammaRZR Bubba240
HeadGravity MP259
HeadGravity Team239
HeadGravity Pro269
HeadSpeed MP259
HeadSpeed Team239
HeadSpeed Pro269
HeadSpeed Team L229
HeadRadical MP259
HeadRadical Team239
HeadRadical Pro269
HeadExtreme MP259
HeadExtreme Tour269
HeadExtreme Team239
HeadExtreme Team L229
HeadBoom MP259
HeadBoom Pro269
HeadBoom Team239
HeadBoom Team L229
HeadPrestige MP259
HeadPrestige Tour269
HeadPrestige Pro269
HeadInstinct MP169
HeadInstinct Team L149
HeadInstinct PWR 110169
HeadInstinct PWR 115169
PrinceTextreme Tour199
ProKennexBlack Ace200
ProKennexKi Q+ 5229
ProKennexKi Q+  5 Pro229
ProKennexKi Q+ Tour Pro219
ProKennexKi Q+ 15190
ProKennexKi Q+  5X Pro180
ProKennexKi Q+ Tour170
ProKennexKi line190
ProKennex Kinetic Pro129
TecnifibreT-Fight ISO249
TecnifibreT-Fight RS229
VolklV-Cell V1240
VolklV-Cell 10230
VolklV-Cell 7200
VolklV-Cell 8230
WilsonPro Staff279
WilsonPro Staff L259
WilsonBurn L159
YonexVCORE Pro269

Key Numbers

  • Average racquet price: $227.1
  • 10% of the racquets cost less than $175
  • 80% of the racquets cost between $175 and $280
  • 10% of the racquets cost more than $280

Pro Stock Racquets

If you’re not familiar with this term, you should know that there are some racquets called pro stock racquets. These frames are customized to meet the requirements of certain pro players.

For example, they may contain lead tape under the skin to make them heavier than the standard version. Or, they contain modifications like the balance, the Swingweight, or even the whole layup.

These racquets are only fabricated for specific pro players and they are not for sale as new racquets.

Nevertheless, you can find used pro stock racquets on websites like eBay or

Pro stock racquets are much more expensive than retail racquets and they typically cost around $500 and sometimes more than $2000.

Take a look at this Head PT57A of Andy Murray.

Pricing Within the Same Model

You can find tennis racquets anywhere from $30 up to $3000, but the most popular retail racquets range between $180 and $280.

You will find different prices within the same model because of a variance in the core characteristics of the racquet like the weight, head size, Swingweight, string pattern, etc.

For example:

  • A Babolat Tour racquet has a higher weight and it is destined for advanced players
  • A Babolat Team racquet has a lower weight and more maneuverability for the club player
  • A Babolat Lite is even lighter for beginners or juniors.
babolat racquets

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about tennis and you want to use the full potential of your racquet to improve your game and win matches, then you should spend more than $180 to get a good new racquet.

The brand and the model will depend on your game and your preferences. We recommend getting samples before buying a new racquet.

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