Wilson Ultra 100 V4 Racquet Review – Should You Buy It?

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I am used to the Pure Aero racquet. They give me exactly what I need from a tennis frame.

I decided to test another 100 sq in racquet, which is the new version of the Wilson Ultra 100.

I strung it with Luxilon 4G 1.30 at 53 lbs and gave it a full test.

This is my truthful review from a tennis amateur (semi-pro) point of view.

Quick Racquet Overview

The Wilson Ultra 100 V4 excels in power, spin, and forgiveness.

Introducing the fourth iteration of Wilson’s Ultra series, a power-focused racquet that stands alongside the renowned Babolat Pure Aero, Pure Drive, and Yonex VCore 100.

Either intermediate or advanced, aggressive baseliners can take full advantage of this frame. With a 100 sq in head size, a thick beam, and a 16×19-string pattern, you get plenty of plow-through and easy spin.

In addition, Wilson lowered the flex from 73 to 70 and increased the Swingweight to around 317. This provides more comfort for the arms but without compromising power.

Aggressive players in search of a potent, modern-day racquet with effortless power and spin capabilities should definitely consider adding the Wilson Ultra 100 v4 to their demo list.

What I Liked about the Wilson Ultra 100 V4

Wilson Ultra 100 v4 strung with Luxilon 4G


With the new Ultra 100, you get easy power without even trying. This was the first impression I got after my first 10 minutes of hitting.

Since I am used to power-oriented racquets, I can tell that the Wilson Ultra 100 v4 offers free power that you should get used to it.

In other words, you get tons of pace with little effort so you need to work harder on your control and adjustment.


I used a control-oriented string in my test, which is the Luxilon 4G.

What I noticed is that the racquet compliments your effort by putting the ball inside the court at any pace you hit with.

Most of my unforced errors were balls in the net that I under-hit or mishit.

Almost all of my shots went inside the court and as I play with loads of spin, I could land the ball near the baseline and I really disturbed my opponent.

I also was very surprised to win the first match that I played with the new Wilson Ultra v4 by a score of 6-1 6-3, against a serious intermediate player.

Arm-friendly and maneuverable

After several sessions, I have absolutely 0 arm or shoulder issues. The racquet is very comfortable on the hands.

In addition, the Wilson Ultra v4 is the perfect blend between an easy-to-swing and a hammer frame. You get plenty of power on your palms without even trying so hard.

A total joy to use and I am not being biased.


I absolutely loved the easy spin you get you get.

When you play down to up you get a very high ball that lands near the baseline and annoys the other player.

On another side, when you play in a more forward motion, the racquet delivers a flat and powerful shot.

Bottom line, you can do what you want exactly with this racquet.


The Ultra 100 v4 offers amazing feedback. I really liked going to the net to volley.

It definitely compliments your effort and I found the new Ultra way better than a Pure Aero or a Pure Drive in the volley/smash department.

It certainly doesn’t have the feel of a Wilson Blade, but for a frame with a thick beam and a big head, it pockets the ball nicely and you get a good sensation.

Pro tip: Use a control-oriented string like the Luxilon 4G and string with 24 or 25 kg.

What I Didn’t Like About the Wilson Ultra 100 V4

ultra 100 v4


I mean the first serve. Maybe I need some adjustments to use the racquet. But I feel I need more snap movement than usual to land the ball inside with a flat serve. More like a Kyrgios style of serve.

As for the second serve, my kick improved a lot with this racquet because of the easy spin and the forgiving frame. I feel more confident in my games and since I started using this racquet, I won all my matches, really.

Who Is This Racquet For?

  • A player who wants a powerful frame with more control
  • A player who wants a forgiving frame
  • A baseliner or a grinder
  • A player who likes to play with topspin

Don’t Use the Wilson Ultra V4 Racquet If:

  • You rely a lot on the serve
  • You can generate lots of pace yourself
  • Your priority is control and accuracy
  • You like control-oriented racquets with smaller heads

How Does the Ultra V4 Compare to The Ultra V3?

ultra 100 v4 new


The 4th version is distinguished by the one-tone blue color, which is classy and royal. The head guard is black.

I think it looks way better than the previous model.


There are no noticeable changes apart from adding the fortyfive design for the carbon fiber layup. That means the fibers are tilted at a 45° angle for more stability and comfort.

  • Expanded Sweet Spot Channel: cavity on the inside of the frame to extend cross strings and increase grommet movement for more power.
  • Parallel Drilling: Consistency and forgiveness of the string bed.
  • AGIPLAST: Plant-based bumper, grommet, and end cap components reduce overall environmental footprint.


The most distinguishable spec update is the lower flex score and the higher swingweight. That means that the racquet should be more powerful and more arm-friendly than the V3.

SpecificationUltra V3Ultra V4
Head Size100 sq in100 sq in
Unstrung weight10.6oz / 300 gr10.6oz / 300 gr
String pattern16×1916×19
String mains skip8T,8H8T,8H


wilson ultra 2023 review

This might be the best 100 sq in racquet of 2023. I will definitely switch from my Pure Aero 2019 to the new Wilson Ultra v4, as it gave me:

  • Easy power
  • Excellent spin
  • Control and fewer unforced errors
  • Nice feel and consistent volleys
  • Big improvement in the kick serve
  • Comfort and no arm issues
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