Nicolas Jarry Racquet – Specs & Details

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Nicolas Jarry has proven himself to be the heir of Gonzalez and Marcelo Rios. He carries the dreams and hopes of the Chilean people, to win big titles in tennis and top the rankings.

He is a tall player who can serve powerful aces and hit unreturnable winners. In addition, he can produce a game that suits clay as he has already won several ATP titles.

What does he use to play tennis?

Nicolas Jarry plays with a pro stock Wilson Blade 98 18×20 racquet painted to look like a Wilson Blade v8.

Jarry Racquet Specs

Nicolas plays with a similar setup to Tsitsipas. He plays with a Wilson Blade 98 pro stock racquet that has an 18×20 string pattern.

It is a heavier racquet than the retail Blade v8 in order to match the requirements of Jarry’s game.

The racquet offers terrific feel and control, and also supreme stability on the hands. This would play great for a player who likes to serve and volley.

The racquet of Nicolas weighs around 368gr and has 31.1cm in balance.

Jarry racquet Specs:

Head Size98 sq in
Weight13.0oz / 368gr
Balance12.3in / 31.3cm
String pattern18×20

Jarry Racquet Strings

Nicolas Jarry strings his racquet with the Luxilon 4G strings at 23kg/51lbs

This soft and responsive poly string brings lots of control and good spin potential.

It is also a superb choice for maintenance and durability.

Can You Buy Jarry’s Setup?

It is a little hard to find pro stock racquets, and if you do you will simply not find the exact specs of Nicolas.

We recommend looking at and, or buying a retail Wilson Blade 98 v8 18×20, which is a superb racquet for control and feel.

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