Cancha Racquet Bag Pro Review – Is It Worth The Money?

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I recently discovered the Cancha brand founded by British pro tennis player Jack Olsen. They make cool tennis bags with unusual designs that differ from the Head or Babolat classic tennis bags.

They seem to be simplistic, casual, and refined.

But I decided to get one and test it myself to see how good it really is.

I ordered the Racquet Bag Pro and to my surprise, they gave me two add-ons for free, which are the Wet Dry Bag and the Day Bag. So thank you Cancha for the cool gift!

cancha racquet bag pro with attachments

Racquet Bag Pro Quick Overview

The racquet bag Pro is a top-of-the-line tennis bag by Cancha.

It is meant for an intermediate or professional player who wants to compete and carry many racquets without carrying too much volume, but still having much space and convenience for the different items.

It contains clippers to attach all the additional storage bags you need for more space.


Width:Up to 270mm/10.6 in
Depth:Up to 330mm/12.9in
Weight:550g/1.2 lbs

Key features

These are the key features mentioned on the website:

✓ Comfortably fits 6 rackets and keeps your strings and grips protected

✓ Lightweight and minimal in design, making it perfect for traveling tennis players

✓ Water-resistant fabric with YKK Aquagard® zipper

✓ Smart and spacious storage compartments

✓ Completely customizable with add-on modular accessories

My Review Of The Cancha Racquet Bag Pro

I unboxed the thing and I was caught by the quality of the materials and the cool design. I like that the bag pro isn’t bulky but rather small and simplistic for a 6-pack bag. Just enough for me.

I could fit 3 racquets easily along with my shoes, hat, can of balls, a bottle of water, and other things I bring to the club.

cancha racquet bag pro filled

The handles are all comfortable as expected and it is easy to carry.

A small detail that I liked was the Velcro-removable Cancha logo if you want to go Incognito.

On another hand, I had some trouble attaching the add-on bags using the straps and the clippers. It seems easy but it can be time-consuming and frustrating a little.

Once done, you find yourself with plenty of room for your sweaty gear and the accessories you carry with you.

cancha racquet bag pro with wet dry bag


  • Low-profile especially the ability to remove the Cancha logo.
  • The ability to expand or simplify the storage space.
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for a quick tennis session after work
  • Casual and elegant with really nice materials
  • Travel-friendly: It carries enough but doesn’t take much space
  • Available in many vibrant colors (I like black the most)


  • On the pricier side compared to other tennis bags
  • Had trouble attaching the additional bags using the clippers despite looking easy.
  • The compartment divider could be longer and removable.
  • It might need more pockets, but it is an intended choice for simplification. If you want more pockets you can attach the add-ons or leave it and pick your classic tennis bag.


I was surprisingly pleased with my experience with the Cancha Racquet Bag Pro.

It is a tennis bag for players looking for simplicity and a low profile. Nobody knows what you’re at while carrying it and you can easily travel with this compared to a big chunky 9-pack.

On the flip side, they should probably add a bottle sleeve and make the divider in the middle higher and longer for effective separation of the gear.

cancha racquet bag pro

I am overall satisfied with the Racquet Bag Pro and I would recommend it to any player not caring much about budget, who is looking for a casual low-profile, adjustable bag.

You can visit the website here to see the different products and maybe try one out for yourself.

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