Babolat Pure Aero Rafa Tennis Bag Review – Is It Worth It?

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Babolat is a famous tennis brand endorsed by lots of pro players. They make great racquets and have the reputation of having one of the best tennis bags on the market.

In this article, we will review one of the best Babolat tennis bags on the market right now, which is the Pure Aero Rafa 6-pack bag.

aero rafa bag

Bag Overview

Perfect for the club player or the tournament player. The Pure Aero 6-pack bag is the perfect choice for comfort and convenience.

Here are the main components of the bag:

  • Dimensions: L28″ x W12″ x H12.5″: The bag measures approximately 28 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 12.5 inches in height.
  • Two main compartments: The bag has two main compartments, each capable of holding up to three racquets.
  • Isothermal Protection: One of the main compartments is designed with isothermal protection, which helps prevent tension loss in the strings of the racquets by providing insulation against extreme temperatures.
  • Exterior, ventilated tunnel pocket: The bag has an external ventilated tunnel pocket, which is designed to store shoes or dirty gear. This pocket allows for proper ventilation to prevent odors or moisture buildup.
  • Large side accessory pocket: There is a spacious side accessory pocket with internal organizational features, which allows you to store various items conveniently.
  • Smaller molded side accessory pocket: Additionally, the bag features a smaller molded side accessory pocket, which is suitable for storing smaller items securely.
  • Attached, padded, and adjustable backpack straps: The bag comes with attached backpack straps that are padded and adjustable, providing comfort and ease of carrying.
  • Grab handles: There are grab handles located at the end and middle of the bag, allowing for alternative carrying options or easy grabbing.
  • Color: The bag is available in multiple color options, including Black, Pink, Orange, and Yellow.

Overall, this bag is a well-equipped tennis bag designed to accommodate racquets, accessories, shoes, and other gear while providing features such as isothermal protection and ventilation.

Pure Aero rafa bag side pocket

What I Like About The Bag

These are the things that stroke me about this specific bag:

  • Superb materials: The outside of the bag is all made from soft black leather which makes the bag appear to be expensive and very comfortable and nice. You rarely find anything similar in other tennis bags.
  • Comfortable: The straps are padded and comfortable when wearing the bag even when it’s heavily loaded with stuff.
  • Spacious: This bag offers lots of room and you can fit most of your stuff including 6 racquets, balls, drinks, towels, clothes, and anything you want.
  • Shoe tunnel: The space dedicated to the shoes is well thought out and has a small ventilation hole, which I like a lot.
  • Isothermal protection: You get thermal insulation in one of the racquet compartments, which is handy to protect the racquets and the strings.
  • Sturdy Side Pocket: One of the accessory pockets is made from sturdy plastic, which is ideal to protect fragile items like glasses, phones, and tablets…
aero rafa bag side pocket

What I Dislike About The Bag

  • Nothing really. Maybe they could add another color option apart from purple.

Final Thoughts

The Pure Aero Rafa tennis bag is simply one of the most premium bags I have ever seen. Everything about it feels soft, convenient and super comfortable.

If you like the colors and you play with Babolat racquets, you should definitely consider this bag as it should be an upgrade from any other choice.

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