Babolat Pure Aero 2023 Racquet Review – Should You Buy It?

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I normally play with Babolat Pure Aeros. They give me exactly what I need from a tennis racquet.

But here comes the new 2023 Babolat Pure Aero. What has changed and what does it bring to your game?

I strung it with a full bed of RPM Blast to give it a fair comparison to the 2019 Pure Aero.

This is my honest feedback after several hitting sessions and matches.

Pure Aero 2023

Quick Racquet Overview

The Pure Aero line is famous for being spin-friendly giving you easy power and speed.

It is popular among all types of players and also pros with the likes of Rafa Nadal, Adrian Mannarino, Jack Sock, and many others. They play with a version of the Pure Aero and have been successful in their careers.

Amateurs and intermediate tennis players also like this racquet for the easy spin and power it gives them even when you’re not powerful and fit.

This 2023 features technologies like FSI Spin and NF2 for comfort, spin, and more control.

The head size is 100 sq in and the beam is thick offering lots of power. The string pattern is 16×19.

What I Liked about the 2023 Pure Aero Racquet

Pure Aero 2023


The new Babolat Pure Aero is great when it comes to power. There is no difference from the previous version as you still get easy pop and get the ball going deep with speed and spin.


This is probably the highlight of the 2023 Pure Aero racquet. It offers more control with the denser string bed, especially when you hit the sweet spot.

So you get an easy spin but with a pronounced consistency from the frame. You can hit the lines if you get used to the racquet after several plays.

I also noticed that the backhands are more efficient and powerful but again when you hit the ball cleanly.

Arm-friendly and maneuverable

Easy to swing. I’ve seen that the Swingweight went down according to websites. You can feel that the racquet is more comfortable and fast in the air.

No soreness in the arm after 3 hours of play and the racquet felt lightweight when I actually played with the 10.6 oz version, which is not light.

On the net, the reflex shots are more manageable, and on the serves, you get extra speed.

What I Didn’t Like About the 2023 Pure Aero Racquet

The 2023 update of the Pure Aero is not all praise. There are things that I disliked when playtesting the racquet.


You are probably surprised that I put spin here. Yet, that is what I noticed after trying it for a couple of sessions.

Don’t get me wrong this is still a spin-friendly racquet as we all know, but I found it difficult to pick up lower balls, especially with this not-that-forgiving frame.

You have to play low to high almost like a Nadal loop swing to generate a healthy amount of spin that can hurt your opponent.

Hitting flat will make you hit flat almost like a Head Radical or a Wilson H22 racquet. This new iteration loses the Pure Aero sensations, that when you hit flat you still get enough spin on the ball.

Ultimately, I had a hard time finding momentum when I used the new Pure Aero and I couldn’t hit my usual spots with the same action. I had to make an extra effort to avoid errors, which is not good.

Not Forgiving

The usual Pure Aero is a 100 sq. in. frame that is forgiving. It is useful for beginners who make mistakes and pros who want more power and spin.

But the 2023 version is not as forgiving as the previous version. Hitting off-center often leads to mishits, especially on the backhand side.

In addition, the serves have to be hit in the center to produce speed and spin. Otherwise, the ball stays on the racquet or goes to the net. A little frustrating in my taste!

Less Feel

I couldn’t serve or volley like I used to with the 2019 Pure Aero. I lacked spin on my kick serve and I couldn’t catch the feel of the racquet.

Maybe the string bed is denser or the grommet design allows less ball pocketing, I don’t know really, but I am being honest here. The sensations are different with this new frame.

Who Is This Racquet For?

  • A player who wants a powerful frame with more control
  • A player who wants a spin-friendly racquet
  • A conservative or aggressive baseliner

Don’t Use the 2023 Pure Aero Racquet If:

  • You play mainly flat.
  • Your priority is control and accuracy.
  • You want feel
  • You serve and volley
  • You like tweener racquets

How Does the 2023 Pure Aero Compare to the 2019 Version?

2023 and 2019 comparison


The first thing that you notice is the new cosmetics inspired by the Pure Aero VS used by Alcaraz or Holger Rune.

Elements of gray, white, and yellow are used in the new paint job with a glossy finish instead of matte black and yellow.

I think the new look is stylish and changes a bit from the banana colors that became boring with time.


There aren’t many things that have changed in terms of technology and materials.

The 2023 Pure Aero is still made from a graphite layup keeping the same beam width, head size, and total length.

The Swingweight and the stiffness went a tad down to offer easier swinging and more comfort.

Babolat added NF² Technology for improved comfort.

The most distinguishable update is the denser string bed, with a tiny more muted response. This feature provides more control and confidence in securing the ball inside.

Specification2019 Pure Aero2023 Pure Aero
Head Size100 sq in100 sq in
Unstrung weight10.6oz / 300 gr10.6oz / 300 gr
String pattern16×1916×19
String mains skip7T,9T,7H,9H8T,8H


The 2023 Pure Aero plays nicely. You get access to the same level of power and spin but the balls don’t fly behind the baseline.

You get an element of control that the previous Babolat Pure Aero lacked. It is almost like a VS but with a 100 sq. in. frame and a 16×19 pattern.

When you commit unforced errors, it is mainly in the net because you’re used to easy spin. With the 2023 racquet, you will have to force spin by more down-to-up motion.

Hitting off the sweet spot will punish you sometimes. In general, you will notice a lack of spin and forgiveness.

Nevertheless, if you adapt to the playability of this racquet you can do wonders with it as you get a balance between spin, power, and control.

My Final Verdict

Pure Aero 2023 verdict

Coming from an old Babolat Pure Aero, I didn’t really like this new update. I prefer and play better with the older version.

But for a player who isn’t used to this model, this is a superb racquet that mixes power with control and a good amount of spin.

I think you should definitely give it a try and make sure to choose the right strings; I recommend:

  • RPM Blast
  • RPM Rough
  • Solinco Hyper-G
  • Kirshbaum Max Power

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