Serena Williams Racquet – Specs & Details

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Serena has retired from tennis but left a legacy. She is considered by many the GOAT in women’s tennis, because of her uncountable achievements including 24 Grand Slams in singles and 14 in doubles.

On the court, everyone recognizes her game with her powerful serve and accurate groundstrokes along with an efficient net game.

Serena has long been one of the most influencing brand ambassadors for Wilson along with the Maestro Roger Federer. People ask what racquet she uses to play with.

Serena Williams plays with the Wilson Blade SW102 Autograph racquet that includes her signature and the colors of her choice.

Wilson Blade SW102 Autograph
Wilson Blade SW102 Autograph

Serena Williams Racquet Specs

The Wilson Blade SW102 is a power racquet with a thick beam and a forgiving 102 sq. in head size.

The string pattern is 18×19, which is a sweet spot that allows control, accuracy, and easier access to spin.

This frame has 28 inches in length, which is a lot for a racquet, and needs strength and maneuverability to play with it. However, it can get handy for a two-handed backhand thanks to more real state on the grip.

In addition, the SW102 Autograph is head-heavy with a Swingweight of 349, making it difficult to move even for ATP players let alone females.

Serena is obviously strong and can handle this racquet quite comfortably. The frame also offers lots of feel and stability for volleys and drop shots, but needs supreme skill to control the groundstrokes.

Overall, Serena’s Wilson Blade SW102 is not for everyone. While it is forgiving and powerful, it requires skill to control the shots and strength to swing it for hours.

Serena’s Specs

Head size102 sq in
Length28 in
Strung weight11.4 oz / 323g
Serena’s signature


  • Powerful
  • Stable
  • Lots of feel
  • Power on the serve


  • Difficult to swing
  • Difficult to control
  • Lengthy racquet for most players

Serena Williams Previous Racquet

The American queen used to play with the Blade 104 Autograph. As the name suggests, it was a 104 sq. in frame with a big sweet spot and a huge power potential.

Blade 104 Autograph
Blade 104 Autograph

The racquet of course helped her win so many titles by offering her a cracking serve and penetrating groundstrokes that caused problems for her opponents throughout the years.

We can say that Serena is very talented to have the ability to control such a difficult racquet.

But in 2020, she moved to the Blade SW102 frame to acquire a little bit more control and feel on the touch.

Serena Williams Racquet Strings

Serena strings her racquet with a hybrid setup of:

  • Luxilon 4G (16/1.30) on the crosses at 64 lbs
  • Wilson natural gut (16/1.30) on the mains at 65 lbs

This is a famous setup among Wilson racquet users like Roger.

The Luxilon 4G poly strings help with spin and control, especially on the serve.

On the other hand, the Wilson natural gut strings give Serena the feel and power that she needs for effective shot-making and accurate volleys.

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