Naomi Osaka Tennis Shoes – What Does She Wear?

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Naomi Osaka is an athletic beast on the court. She moves so well and seems to always on the perfect position to hit her shots.

In addition, she has superb footwork and timing, far superior to most women on the WTA Tour.

After her massive success in the last few years, she is often spotted playing with attractive custom-made shoes with her name and sketches on them. They reflect her “swag” and vibrant personality.

People ask what shoes she plays with.

Naomi Osaka plays with the Nike Air Zoom GP Turbo tennis shoes with custom designs specific to her.

Osaka butterfly shoes
Osaka butterfly shoes
Osaka cards shoes

Naomi Osaka Tennis Shoe Specs

Comfortable and ultra-performant, the Nike GP Turbo is what aggressive movers need.

Osaka’s GP Turbo is considered one of the best hard-court shoes. It is also worn by Frances Tiafoe and Jelena Ostapenko.

It offers lots of responsive cushioning and extra bounce.

The midsole is unique combining 3 different supportive layers:

  1. Air Bag
  2. Zoom Air unit
  3. Nike foam

A high padded heel collar gives you solid support and extra stability for those tennis abrupt movements.

The outsole is durable and has an innovative design with bumped-up durability for aggressive movers who like to slide a lot on cement.

Naomi Osaka Tennis Shoe Review

Based on many reviews that we found online, these are the main pros and cons of the Nike GP Turbo tennis shoes.


  • Superb grip
  • Very supportive and bouncy
  • Comfortable and good for pain relief
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • Tight forefoot, not ideal for wide feet or players with bunions
  • Somewhat large and bulky
  • Contrasted opinions about the durability of this shoe

Are Osaka’s Shoes Available?

Some of Naomi Osaka’s custom-designed shoes can be available to buy for the vast public.

However, she is the one player that appears with a newly designed pair of shoes in every tournament. So, it can be hard to find the exact model that you’re looking for.

Osaka butterfly shoes
Osaka Anime shoes

Nevertheless, you can get the standard edition of the Nike GP Turbo.

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