Max Purcell Tennis Shoes – Here’s What He Wears

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Hailing from Australia, Max has quickly made a name for himself with his remarkable agility, powerful serves, and dynamic playing style that keeps his opponents on their toes.

His journey in tennis has been marked by significant achievements, including impressive victories over seasoned players and notable performances in both singles and doubles competitions.

Max Purcell’s playing style combines agility, a powerful serve, and adept net skills, making him a versatile and dynamic player on the court.

Max Purcell currently plays with the K-Swiss Ultrashot 3 tennis shoes.

 K-Swiss Ultrashot 3 tennis shoes

Purcell Shoe Specs

The Ultrashot 3 tennis shoes are designed for competitive and aggressive movers who like stability and comfort.

DuraMesh and No Sew Slidegaurd technologies are incorporated in the upper to provide comfort, breathability, and durability.

K-Swiss has improved the support layer in the midsole using Surge 7.0 technology offering responsiveness and energy return.

The Dragguard 7.0 outsole offers good traction and high durability backed by a 6-month guarantee.

Shoe weight: 12.7oz for a 10.5 men’s size and 12.3oz for a women’s 8.5 size.

 K-Swiss Ultrashot 3 outsole

Main Features & Tech

  1. Durability: Built to withstand the rigorous demands of tennis, the Ultrashot 3 features a reinforced upper and a DragGuard toe cap, ensuring excellent durability.
  2. Comfort: These shoes provide exceptional comfort with a cushioned midsole that offers responsive support during intense rallies.
  3. Stability: You’ll experience superior stability thanks to a well-structured outsole and a 360 Plantar Chassis that prevents twisting, allowing for secure lateral movements.
  4. Traction: The Aosta 7.0 rubber outsole offers exceptional grip on various court surfaces, enhancing your agility and control.
  5. Breathability: The Ultrashot 3 features a breathable upper to keep your feet cool and comfortable during long matches.
  6. Custom Fit: With a lace-up closure system, you can adjust the fit to your preference, providing a secure and personalized feel.

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