Maria Sakkari Racquet – What Does She Use?

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Maria Sakkari is a talented female tennis player from Athens. Along with compatriot Stephanos Tsitsipas, she is the hope of the Greeks to win a Grand Slam title.

Maria has always been consistent throughout the year playing the latest rounds of the tournaments.

However, she hasn’t seen much success yet and still counts one WTA title only and two Grand Slam semi-final appearances.

People ask what racquet she uses on the court.

Maria Sakkari endorses the Wilson Ultra 100 v4 racquet, but she actually plays with the first generation of the Ultra 100.

Wilson Ultra 100
Wilson Ultra 100

Maria Sakkari Racquet Specs

While the racquet Maria plays with is a Wilson Ultra 100, the power weighting system at 3 and 9 o’clock are only available in the first generation of the racquet.

Weighting system on the sides with v4 cosmetics

That makes it obvious that she prefers the old version from her junior days.

The Wilson Ultra 100 has a 100 sq in head size and a very thick beam of 1 inch / 26mm. This offers lots of power with little effort if we take into account the low Swingweight of roughly 316.

This racquet comes in a 16×19 string pattern providing lots of spin and power on the serve.

The power weighting system at the sides of the frame gives the racquet more stability, especially at the net.

The downside of the Ultra 100 is the lack of control, which requires good skill and a good choice of string to bring the control element to your game.

These are the specs of the Wilson Ultra 100.

Head size100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Length27 in
Unstrung weight10.6 oz / 300 gr
String pattern16×19

Maria Sakkari Racquet Strings

Sakkari strings her racquet with the Luxilon Alu Power 1.25. Unfortunately, we don’t know the tension.

Luxilon Alu Power 1.25

The Alu Power is a famous poly string among so many pro players like Raducanu, Jabeur, Khachanov, and many more, who want better control and a crisp feel to their shots.

In addition, you get more pace and precision in the shots. The string maintenance is also superb with this string.

Wilson Ultra 100 v4See Price
Luxilon Alu Power 1.25See Price
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