Elena Rybakina Racquet – What Does She Use?

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Elena Rybakina is a Russian-born Kazakhstani tennis player that is talented and promising.

She became the concern of all tennis media after her successful Wimbledon 2022 campaign, where she won the precious title by defeating another talent Ons Jabeur.

The exciting fact about Rybakina is she representing Russia until 2018 when she switched her nationality to Kazakhstan in June 2018.

Following this change, she hired a traveling coach and started to see consistent success, primarily after her first WTA title at the Bucharest Open.

On the court, Elena is an aggressive player with a powerful serve and powerful groundstrokes. She likes to go all-in in the exchanges and she can hit multiple aces on fast surfaces.

What racquet does Rybakina use?

Elena Rybakina plays with the Yonex VCore 100 racquet.

Elena Rybakina Racquet Specs

Easy power and top spin with the Yonex VCore 100.

Yonex VCore 100 racquet

This is the 6th iteration of this racquet and the update has brought a fresher look to the cosmetics, featuring red and black with a nice blue stripe on the shaft.

The new Vcore 100 is a little less stiff (66) bringing more feel and better control of the shots. But this modification should allow more vibration of the frame, isn’t it?

Well, the racquet comes with the VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh) in the frame for improved stability and comfort on the impact. Wind drag is also reduced with the design to allow a higher acceleration.

The retail version sits at 10.6oz / 300gr unstrung, which is enough for intermediate players. But I would expect Rybakina to add a few grams to her racquet for more power and spin.

In addition, the Vcore 100 features the classic Yonex Isometric design that adds 7% more to the sweet spot, hence better consistency.

Overall, this is a perfect racquet for intermediate to pro aggressive players looking for easy power and spin, stability, and comfort, with a good feel.

Head size100 in²
Lenght27 in
Unstrung weight10.6oz / 300gr
Balance13in / 4 pts HL

These are the main features of the Yonex VCore 100:

  • Easy power
  • High top spin potential
  • Stability and aerodynamic design thanks to VDM
  • Reduced air resistance
  • Ergonomically shaped end cap for more comfort.

Elena Rybakina Racquet Strings

Elena Rybakina strings her racquet with the Yonex Polytour FIRE 16L/1.25. She uses tension in the mid 50’s lbs.

The 16L round poly monofilament is loaded with power and spin.

Yonex Polytour FIRE 125

Every ball you hit will pop thanks to a solid response for those who like it. Nevertheless, the feel is still soft and dampened compared to other Yonex strings, to give you more control of the shots.

String maintenance is also great with this one and it does last for a few matches without breaking or losing tension.

This is a perfect choice for players looking for pure power with a relatively soft feel and decent durability.

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