Daria Kasatkina Racquet – Setup & Specs

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Daria Kastkina is a talented Russian tennis player who has won 6 WTA titles and sits inside the Top 10 in the rankings.

She plays a defensive baseline tennis game and relies on her topspin shots and quick movements to stay in the points and grind winners after tiring her opponents.

Daria possesses a very nice first serve and can find good angles. On the other hand, her second serve isn’t good enough, particularly against the very top female players, who can make use of it and win easy points on the return.

Recently, she has been spotted with a strange racquet and people ask what does she play with?

Daria Kasatkina plays with the Artengo TR 990 Power Pro racquet.

Artengo TR 990 Power Pro

Daria Kasatkina Racquet Specs

Artengo is not the most famous racquet brand on the market for sure, but they succeeded to sign Daria Kasatkina after Gael Monfils. Today many players on the tour play with this frame.

They say this is the perfect racquet for power, control, and stability.

What strikes you at first is the low Swingweight of 280 when unstrung. They tried to make it as maneuverable as possible to offer more head speed and easy acceleration.

You can also notice the head shape that is rounder than racquets like Babolat, Wilson or Head. The 100 sq. in bed with the 16×19 pattern gives you forgiveness, power and control.

Artengo incorporates MPO technology for optimal handling and stability on impact.

Players who tested the racquet feel like the effortless big power and spin come with a caveat, which is the lack of control.

Overall, Daria seems to like the TR990 Power Pro racquet and it has taken her game to a new level since the switch from Tecnifibre.

Racquet specs

Head size100 sq in
Unstrung weight10.6oz / 300gr
String pattern16×19

Daria Kasatkina Racquet Strings

Since Kastakina switched from Tecnifibre to Artengo, there is currently no information about the strings she uses in her new racquet or the tension.

An educational guess would be a string from Artengo, which is either:

  • The TA990 1.27 monofilament string for power
  • Or the TA930 1.25 pentagonal poly string for spin and durability

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