Christopher Eubanks Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Young American Eubanks or Big Banks has been the talk of everybody during his sensational debut at this year’s Wimbledon.

By claiming a maiden title in Stuttgart and defeating several top players to reach his first Grand Slam quarter-final, he seems to have the quality of a champion for the upcoming years.

On the court, he is tall, quick, and powerful, and disposes of a solid mental game, making him one the biggest threats in tennis for the future.

Christopher Eubanks endorses the Tecnifibre T-Fight Iso 315 racquet, but actually plays with an older model called the Tecnifibre T-Fight 315 Dynacore.

Eubanks Racquet Specs

The actual racquet of Chris is an old Tecnifibre T-Fight model from 2015. The T-Fight 315 Dynacore is a control-oriented racquet that blends power, spin, and precision with great control and feel.

With 98 sq in head and a 16×19 string pattern, the thin beam provides great feedback and a generous plow through to produce heavy shots and counter punch without losing control.

In addition, this racquet is stable with its 315gr of weight while unstrung. This is the heaviest racquet of Tecnifibre lines. On another side, the racquet remains maneuverable with a 311 swingweight score and a 67 flex score. That means that the layup is forgiving for the arms.

The newer model of the T-fight is not much different, apart from the usage of new technologies like ISOFLEX and RS Section Beam, which combines square and elliptical shapes to deliver the perfect balance between control and power.

Overall, the Tecnifibre T-Fight line is the choice of players like Eubanks or Medvedev, who are looking for a perfect mixture of power, spin, control, and a good feel.

Racquet Specs

We don’t know how Eubanks customizes his racquet, so these are the retail racquet specs.

Head Size98 sq in
Unstrung weight11oz / 315gr
String pattern16×19

Eubanks Racquet Strings

He strings his racquet with the Tecnifibre Black Code 17/1.24.

It features a pentagonal shape to help create massive spin. Also, ThermoCore technology is incorporated by the French company in this string for power, durability and an enhanced feel.

Can You Buy Eubanks Gear?

The racquet used by Chris is discontinued and is no longer sold in stores, except if you can find deals for older racquets on some websites.

However, the closest playable racquet to the one Eubanks uses is the new Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 315, which is the same that Medvedev uses but with more static weight.

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