Arthur Rinderknech Racquet – Specs & Details

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Another French tennis talent, Arthur Rinderknech is a tall guy who can play aggressively and serve powerful shots.

He still hasn’t won any ATP title in his career, but he has been on the top of his game since the end of 2022 and he is able to produce some disturbing tennis for his opponents. Can he clinch a maiden title in 2023?

Arthur Rinderknech plays with the Tecnifibre TF-40 305 18×20 racquet.

 TF-40 305 18x20 racquet

Rinderknech Racquet Specs

Arthur plays with the TF-40 305 18×20 as he likes the control and stability of the frame.

This racquet has a 98-square-inch head with a closed 18×20 string pattern. It provides great control and accuracy.

A thin 22m beam assures a plush feel and good responsiveness on the impact. Technologies like RS Sharp along with Dynacore XTC offer extra touch, dwell time, and pocketing.

An interesting feature is the addition of foam in the racquet layup. This should add a more plush feeling and pop for the shots.

Arthur says that he really likes the plow-through he gets on his big serves.

Overall, the Tecnifibre TF-40 305 18×20 is a superb control racquet that offers stability, comfort, and lots of feel and touch for advanced players. It is similar to a Wilson Blade but with better playability.


Head Size98 sq in
Unstrung weight10.8oz / 305gr
String pattern18×20


Rinderknech Racquet Strings

Rinderknech strings his racquet with the Tecnifibre Razor Code 1.25 at 52 lbs.

It is a popular string choice also used by players like Medvedev and Swiatek. It complements the racquet well by bringing a soft response, nice spin potential, and high accuracy.

It is also a great choice if you like longevity and durability.


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