Babolat Propulse Fury Tennis Shoes Review

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Not many pro players wear Babolat tennis shoes on the court. But the French manufacturer now produces high-performance durable footwear.

I decided to order the Babolat Propulse Fury, which is the flagship tennis shoe of the Babolat footwear line.

Here’s my verdict after testing the product for several hours:

The Babolat Propulse Fury shoes are comfortable right out of the box and need no break-in. On the court, they feel super stable and supportive, especially on the lateral movements. I would recommend these shoes for any kind of tennis player, especially aggressive baseliners who need stability for shot execution.

Babolat Propulse Fury Overview

Engineered to protect your feet and get you faster to the ball, the Babolat Propulse Fury is a high-performance shoe for aggressive movers.

Babolat Propulse Fury


  • The upper is made from both synthetic materials and a fine mesh for comfort and ventilation.  A wide strap called Power Belt wraps around the midfoot and offers exceptional lateral support and an almost tailored fit around the foot.
  • The midsole is supportive, and responsive and absorbs the shocks conveniently for the most aggressive baseliners and quick players.
  • The outsole: Improved Michelin rubber compound in a tread pattern that offers excellent durability either on clay or on all courts. It is also backed by a six-month durability guarantee.
  • No break-in required
Babolat Propulse Fury hard court outsole

Main technology

The Propulse Fury is packed with lots of technology. The researchers identified 9 foot pressure points to optimize the cushioning and to offer optimal comfort and support in those areas.

Here are the main features:

  • Active Flexxion technology: Improved cushioning and comfort.
  • Power Belt: an enveloping safety belt that provides the most suitable support for demanding tennis positions.
  • KPRS-X: Highly cushioning EVA insert positioned beneath the heel for optimal shock protection.
  • MICHELIN PREMIUM TENNIS: This rubber is the most durable composition ever developed. It offers increased resistance and optimal grip to meet the extreme demands of tennis footwork.

What I Like About the Propulse Fury

Right out of the box, my feet embraced the shoes like a pair of socks. But I got them in half a size more than my usual size.

This is my personal pros of the Propulse Fury after several hours of tennis.

  • Stable: Stability was the best feature that I personally found in this shoe. When you wear it, you can feel it’s heavy but super stable on the ground, which bettered my stance before I shoot the ball.
  • Comfort: It is a pleasure to wear this shoe. The inside is well padded and wraps my feet nicely.
  • Quality: You can tell immediately that the materials are top-notch. The synthetic parts feel sturdy and flexible at the same time.  
  • Support: The midsole is responsive.
  • Lateral support: I absolutely liked how this pair of shoes protected my feet during lateral movements, especially when I hit my two-handed backhand when sliding. I never felt any twisting in my feet.
  • NO BREAK IN: I put on the shoes and played 2 hours of intense tennis for the first time with NO pain and 100% comfort. That was amazing.

The Babolat Propulse Fury exceeded my expectations and I was happy that I bought it. It deserves every bit of praise, as it is an attractive choice for all kinds of tennis players.

What I Don’t Like About the Propulse Fury

While the Propulse Fury shoes were a joy to play with on the court, I had these negative observations:

  • The tongue sometimes cuts through my ankle. It is avoidable by wearing thicker socks.
  • There is a fine line between stable and heavy. The Propulse Fury lands in between but sometimes I feel the lack of speed, maybe because I am used to quicker shoes like the Asics Solution Speed or the Nike Vapor Pro.

Nevertheless, these are minor cons in my opinion and I would continue to use these shoes on matches.


Q: How does it fit?

A: Please consider ordering half a size more than usual.

Q: Is it worth it?

A: Absolutely. It is solid, stable, comfortable, and responsive on the bounce.

Q: Is it durable?

A: The durability is up there. You can feel the materials are of high quality and the rubber is guaranteed for 6 months.

Q: Does it require a break-in time?

A: No break-in required. Put it on and hit the court. You will feel the comfort immediately.

Q: Can I play on all courts?

A: There is an all-court version suitable for all courts. But if you play a lot on clay, get the clay version that comes with the herringbone tread.

propulse fury women

To Sum Up

There is a panoply of high-performance shoes out there like the Asics, Nike, or Adidas. Still, Babolat has crafted a superb tennis shoe that is ideal for all levels.  

If you’re looking for stability, durability, and comfort, you can get a Propulse Fury and you’ll be okay.

To buy it, use the links below. (Please consider ordering half a size more)

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