Nadal’s Nike Zoom Cage 3 Review

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I still like my Nike Zoom Cage 3 shoes that Rafa Nadal has played with, in the Australian Open 2019. They are one of the best tennis shoes I have ever bought and I still play with them now.

The reason why I picked these specific shoes is that Nadal is my favorite player. I trust his choices in pretty much everything because I also play with the Babolat Pure Aero.

This is my humble choice. However, the Nike Zoom Cage 3 is still one of the best tennis shoes in the market, and there is a reason it is the top player’s choice.

The Nike Zoom Cage 3 feels amazingly stable on the court. You feel well balanced in the strokes and you have this quick reaction to get the ball and move back and forth.

In addition, the shoe is very comfortable especially for narrower feet like mine. The Zoom Cage 3 has plenty of cushioning and supports my arch perfectly (I have a medium arch).

Moreover, the shoe is durable after 5 months of amateur 2 times a week playtime. Finally, the shoe is brilliant for sliding safely since it provides less traction than other shoes like The Asics Solution FF2 or the Adidas Soleboost.

Nadal’s Nike Zoom Cage 3 Overview

It is a Nike Zoom Cage 3, but with an amazing zebra-like design, which was catchy and unusual from Rafa during the AO 2019.

You can find them at this link: HERE


Nadal’s Nike Zoom Cage 3 Overview

They have the word RAFA on the backside of the left shoe and the Bull logo on the back of the right shoe.

For the colors, you find the popping orange on the collar, the heel cushioning, the plush inside, and the laces. You also find grey on the outsole and on the Nike logo (Orange on the original worn by Rafa in the tournament).

The midsole is in white and in the upper, you find a zebra-like texture from different shades of grey.


Nike has updated its stable and durable Cage series to be lighter and quicker. This version weight is only 13oz but it doesn’t make a difference because it feels heavy when playing.

The shoes use Cage technology in the midsole to give great support and comfort.

A full bootie construction wraps the feet giving a sock-like feeling.

A TPU shank provides torsional stability and sturdiness.

The Zoom Air technology gives cushioning and support in the heels. In addition, the heel counter is molded and solid for great shock absorption.

The XDR outsole is durable with 6 months of guarantee and offers plenty of traction.

What I Like About This Shoe

There are a couple of things that I absolutely love about Nadal’s Nike Zoom Cage 3.

Nadal’s Nike Zoom Cage 3 On Clay
Me on clay court
  1. Stability: I can’t stress it enough but this is one of the most stable shoes I have ever played with. When you put them on, you feel rooted in the court but in the same time very dynamic and responsive.
  2. Balance: Good strokes need a solid stance and this is exactly what this shoe gave me. It feels heavy and sturdy. My stroke routine has improved significantly since I upgraded my shoes to the Zoom Cage 3.
  3. Comfort and Support: The shoes offer plenty of cushioning in the inside around my heels and toes. I feel great support especially underneath my heels as well.
  4. Design: Sublime colors chosen by Nadal. The mixture between orange and different shades of grey makes it wild and unique.
  5. Traction on Clay: The herringbone pattern of this shoe offers just enough traction to play amazing on clay and to slide accordingly. On the hard courts, it would be more suitable for advanced players who know how to slide correctly on hard surfaces.
  6. Shock absorption: When I jump with the Zoom Cage 3, I don’t feel soreness or pain in my toes or my heels, as if the shoes are suppressing the shocks completely.

What I Hate About This Shoe

  1. Not Easy to Fit: A little hard to put them on because the opening is narrow and not stretchable enough. The tongue is also incorporated in the liner. In addition, they feel a tad tight.
  2. Break in: The shoe needs a slight break in time. My feet are a little narrow so I had the chance to break it in in my first game. However, other people might take some time before the shoe breaks in.
  3. Not grippy enough in hard: While the shoes play fantastic in clay, I find them to be on the slippier side on acrylic. You can’t get enough grip to bounce back and get to the next shot.


While the only real downside of the Nike Zoom Cage 3 is the narrower fit, the shoes have upgraded considerably their support, comfort, and stability on the court. In addition, the Rafael Nadal colors pattern offers a unique and wild design to up your game and feel like a pro.

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