Asics Solution Speed FF2 Review – Is It Worth It?

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Asics has become over the years one of the leaders in the tennis footwear industry, making top-rated shoes for tennis players. Lots of professionals and amateurs trust their quality and performance on the court.

While many players chose the other premium shoes like the Court FF or the Gel Resolution 8, how exactly does the Asics Solution Speed FF2 stands?

I ordered the shoes and tested them for a few days to find out how they play and how they feel. This is my verdict:

The Asics Solution Speed FF2 is lightweight and fast. They also are stable and supportive, while being extremely comfortable. They are a solid choice for amateurs and professional tennis players. The only complaints we have are the lower durability of the shoe, and the toe box area being a little narrow.

Asics Solution Speed FF2 Overview

This is the iteration of the first Solution Speed FF. This shoe is destined to be lightweight and fast providing the best performance on all courts.

The upper is made from high-quality mesh combined with PU. It is solid and provides great flexibility and fit for the foot thanks to Dynawrap technology.

The midsole is supportive, responsive, and absorbs the shocks conveniently for the most aggressive baseliners and the quick players. As an example, The Australian Alex De Minaur, who is a very fast player, uses the Solution Speed FF2.

The outsole is made from high abrasion rubber combined with a multidirectional tread pattern to offer versatility and superb levels of traction and stability and facilitate sliding in hard courts.

The shank in the middle is equipped with Twistruss system that prevents undesirable torsional movements of the foot and provides great stability and support for the arch.

The tongue is classic coming with a thick padding and a good length to give more comfort and fit.

The lacing system is also classic and made from good quality nylon that is elastic and adjusts easily.

No break-in is what Asics says about the shoe.

Asics Solution Speed FF2 red

What We Like About the Shoe

Asics Solution Speed FF2 On clay

Playing with the Solution Speed FF2 for the first time was like discovering a new world. It is incredibly lightweight and fast.

I could reach the net faster than I was with my heavy Air Zoom Cage, but without being unstable. On the contrary, the shoe gives you the balance and the solid stance you need to execute precise and powerful groundstrokes.

  • Lightweight: The shoe feels incredibly lightweight and you can touch it and feel the softness of the materials especially in the upper and the sole.
  • Speed and agility: The Solution Speed FF2 is fast and makes you move more quickly and be agile and flexible around the court. It is also breathable enough.
  • Comfort: It is a pleasure to wear this shoe. The quality of the upper made from mesh combined with Dynawrap is top notch. The inside cushioning is super comfortable. It is truly one of the most comfortable shoes right now.
  • Support & Shock absorption: The support is amazing and you can feel the smoothness of the rebound. It is perfect for baseliners who play long exhausting rallies.
  • Great fit: The shoes fits like a charm thanks to the amazing Dynawrap soft and sturdy upper, combined with a comfortable heel counter and normal tongue, which I prefer more.
  • Elegant design: It’s a good-looking tennis shoe. I have the white one with the blue lines, which you can wear casually as well if you want.
  • NO BREAK IN: I put on the shoes and played a two-setter with NO pain and 100% comfort. That was surprising to experience.

You noticed how we overused the superlatives. But this shoe deserves every bit of praise, as it is a great pick for all kinds of tennis players.

What We Don’t Like About the Shoe

Asics Solution Speed FF2 On court

It is hard to notice any downside to this amazing tennis shoe.

  • Narrow in the toe part: My big and small fingers rub against the lateral side of the shoe. However, this is really a negligible detail since the cushioning makes it 100% painless.
  • Lower durability: The outsole seems to lose some parts of the herringbone pattern after a few weeks. This shoe could’ve been the best one on the market, if it wasn’t for a less durable outsole.
  • Size: Consider half a size more. Otherwise it is going to be narrower. I am now familiar with ordering half a size more in all Asics shoes.

These small details are perhaps what makes the Asics Court FF the best Asics tennis shoe and the best overall tennis shoe.

Q&A About the Asics Solution Speed FF2

Q: Is it fast?

A: The shoe is very fast because of its lightweight, breathability, and the soft and resistant materials used in the midsole and the upper.

Q: Is the shoe worth it?

A: The solution Speed FF2 is absolutely worth buying. It is one of the best shoes to have and it is trusted by professionals and recreational players. The shoe is perfect for players seeking speed and explosiveness but with total comfort and support.

Q: Is it durable?

A: If you are looking for durability, this is not what you should get. This one is performance-oriented and it is one of the very few holdbacks to why not everyone buys this over flagships like the Asics Court FF, Gel Resolution 8, or the Nike Vapor Cage 4.

Q: Does it need break-in?

A: The Solution Speed FF2 needs no break-in. Put it on and hit the court. You will feel the comfort immediately.

Q: Can I play in all courts?

A: Yes, the Solution Speed FF2 plays on all courts, even grass, and paddle. The multidirectional redesigned tread pattern offers the best versatility on the market.

To Wrap It Up

If you want a performance-oriented shoe being lightweight, fast, comfortable, and supportive, go for the Solution Speed FF2 with no hesitation.

However, if you are keen on durability, then this pair won’t probably last more than 6 months.

To buy it, please visit this link. (We earn a small commission from purchases through the link)

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