Review: Elevate Your Tennis Game Udemy Course by Andre Agassi (Honest)

There is an abundance of tennis knowledge and videos on the internet about how to hit a forehand, a serve or how to prepare your game mentally.

Often times you’re interested in watching videos presented by advanced players and sometimes former pros, and they are all free.

But the course taught by the American legend Andre Agassi on is not for free. Is it worth it? How does it compare to other paid tennis classes and other free videos?

Also, does it really help you improve your game?

I decided to enroll in the course since it was on sale to test it myself and give my honest opinion.

Who Is Agassi Course For?

This course is definitely not for beginners as it covers more advanced strategies. For example, Agassi won’t show you the rules of tennis, what racquet to use or how to stand to hit a forehand.

Instead, the course is addressed for intermediate to professionals who need to make a few adjustments to elevate their game. For example, correcting a grip, showing how to better prepare for a swing, or doing the best shot drills.

From the beginning, you can notice that you should be familiar with playing tennis matches and tournaments to understand Agassi’s tips.

If you’re a beginner and you want to learn the fundamentals, please consider another course, not this one.

What I liked About the Agassi Course

A few things that I absolutely liked in this course:

  • Experience: and perspective of the great Agassi
  • The 12-inch rule: Without telling too much, this concept is a game changer in terms of thinking and timing of the shots.
  • Direct: Agassi doesn’t beat around the bushes but instead he dives directly into the lesson.
  • Clever: There are some smart tips in this course that you’ve never thought about that only a pro like Agassi can tell you.
  • Coverage: this course covers all the aspects of the game from groundstrokes to the mental side of tennis plus other helpful tips to improve your way of approaching the matches and the tournaments.
  • Keeping it simple: I like how Andre likes to keep the lessons simple. One tip is enough, and he loves to make tennis not a complicated game.

What I Didn’t Like About the Agassi Course

  • Price: Exaggerated price in my opinion. $99 is expensive for this course, you should at least wait for occasional discounts from Udemy. I got it on sale for $15, which is not bad at all.
  • No examples: Lack of concrete examples like actual points played by Agassi or another player to demonstrate the shot in action.
  • Rushed: The lectures are sometimes rushed to the point that it starts to lack any value. For example, Andre’s serve drill lecture doesn’t show any actual drill instead, he only tells you to work more on your second serve.
  • Monotonous: The lectures feel repetitive at some points with the camera pointing mostly at Agassi while he’s talking. I didn’t feel engaged in all the lessons.

Should You Buy It?

So is it worth buying?

I think that the Agassi course on Udemy is worth it for $15 or at most $20 when on sale. But $99 is too expensive to buy.

In addition, there are good tennis lessons on the Internet even from professionals and former legends, that you can watch for free, and they give you helpful tips and golden nuggets in some cases.

I was watching Youtube the other day when I discovered some amazing video lessons from the former legend Venus Williams. She gives you everything for free and explains very well, and players from all levels can watch and understand her lessons.

Other Alternatives

The internet is filled with tennis content, but not everyone will teach you what you exactly need.

While paid courses like the Agassi course generally contain high-level tips and instructions, the majority of tennis players want to learn or freshen up the fundamentals in a step-by-step style.

Below are some of the best courses to learn tennis from the comfort of your home.


Venus Williams Youtube channelfree
Brian Dabul Youtube channelfree
Patrick Mouratoglou Youtube channelfree
Top Tennis Trainingfree


Top courtRead review here$15/month
Tennis Fitness$60

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