Can You Use Tennis Shoes for Padel?

Just like badminton, pickleball, and ping pong, padel is another racquet sport that has become popular all over the world. It combines features from tennis and squash and it is famous for being a social and recreational game between friends of different ages and sexes.

Want to play some? So, can you wear tennis shoes for Padel?

Yes, you can use tennis shoes for padel if you play it occasionally. Tennis shoes are designed to provide good lateral support, stability, and cushioning, which are also important characteristics for padel. But consider getting proper padel shoes if you want to be a full-time padel player.

Similarities Between Tennis and Padel

Tennis and padel are both racquet sports, and they share several similarities, like:

  1. They require a racquet and a ball
  2. They can be played in singles or doubles
  3. They have nearly the same dimensions including a service box. The tennis baselines are replaced by a glass wall in padel.
  4. Volleying is pretty much the same in both games. Some tennis players even practice their volleying game on a padel court.
  5. They require fitness, agility and high reflexes.
  6. Both sports demand good shoe traction with a little more sliding on a tennis court.

This last point is essential to explain that both games require special footwear that offers good stability and durability.

Difference Between Tennis and Padel

They are two entirely different sports that require different equipment. While they share similarities like I said in the previous section, they have striking differences that you should be aware of if you’re just moving from tennis.

Court Surface: Tennis courts can have various surfaces, including grass, clay, and hard courts. Padel courts typically have artificial grass or sand surfaces.

Ball: Tennis balls are larger and heavier, made with a felt cover. Padel balls are smaller, solid, and typically have a lower bounce.

Racquet: Tennis racquets are larger and have a more traditional racket shape with a long handle. Padel racquets are smaller, solid, and have no strings. They are perforated and typically have no handle protruding below the grip.

Movement and gameplay: Tennis players have more freedom to move around the court, with no walls to restrict play. But padel players can use the walls to their advantage, with balls allowed to bounce off the walls as part of the game. The service is also different in padel.

These disparities make padel and tennis two different sports played in different ways. That is why you should adapt your gear to meet the requirements of padel, hence, we recommend getting padel shoes to play padel.

Why You Should Wear Dedicated Padel Shoes?

Just like tennis, you cannot play padel with regular shoes. You might use your tennis shoes but it is preferable to opt for a dedicated padel shoe if you’re going to play for a long time.

Here are the main features of Padel shoes.

  1. Optimized Traction: Padel shoes are designed with specific outsoles that provide excellent traction on padel court surfaces, which are often made of artificial grass, cement or sand. This superior grip can help you move quickly, change direction smoothly, and maintain your balance during rallies. Note that the movements in padel are even more abrupt than in tennis.
  2. Toe Protection: Padel involves frequent use of your toes to hit the ball against the walls (known as “vibora” shots). Dedicated padel shoes often feature reinforced toe areas to protect against abrasions and impact, reducing the risk of injuries.
  3. Lateral Support: Padel shoes are typically constructed with lateral support in mind, helping you make quick lateral movements with stability and preventing ankle injuries. Regular shoes won’t offer enough protection, which can lead to torsional movements.
  4. Cushioning and Comfort: Padel shoes are engineered to provide cushioning and comfort for extended play.
  5. Breathability: Many padel shoes are designed with a breathable upper to keep your feet cool and dry.
  6. Weight: Padel shoes are generally lighter than tennis shoes, which can enhance your agility and responsiveness on the court.
  7. Specialized Features: Some padel shoes have specific features tailored to the sport, such as pivot points on the outsole to facilitate quick turns or special lacing systems for a secure fit.

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All in all, if you’re a tennis player who is planning to play Padel for an extended time, you should consider buying dedicated Padel shoes. On the other hand, if you’re going for a one-time padel match with your friends, you can use your tennis shoes cautiously.

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